Sunday, 27 July 2014

Warzone: Imperial Command Group finished!

Well we don't really have command groups in WZ:R... yet anyway. But I thought it would be a fitting name as these two guys will alternative as Warlord/Lord and NCO in my Imperial force.

Really nice to paint as always and soon I consider myself finished painting my Imperial for now, just need one more commander and Rist to be finished as well. 

The banner fell off because I was clumsy, I re glued it and it hold quite well but then I was clumsy yet again and then I could not get it to stick properly so I magnetized it instead. I thought it will hold better in transport anyways as standard bearers are always a paint to transport safely. 

Anyway they are. 


  1. Nicely done! Those sculpts are just great and your paint jobs make them better.

    1. Thanks mate, yeah they are indeed great sculpts and fun to paint up as well. Glad you liked them.


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