Sunday, 6 July 2014

Tutorial: How to make concrete barricades

Obviously I had one main ingredient in this tutorial and that is the actual barricades themselves. In this tutorial I use left over resin from Prodos Games Warzone: Resurrection kits, and I have a lot so I thought I wanted to do something useful it. I know you get similar left overs from Forge World and what not so that might work as well (although my FW kits have smaller "left overs")

Anyway on to the actual tutorial.

Here's how the raw material looks, the block I use as the actual barricades. I then cut off some here and there to make some "battle damage" and those left overs I use for rubble to place on the base. The 'bases' is from a normal thin tree based board (sorry don't know the English name for this) which I cut into these shapes. (don't mind the green 'stuff' on one of them, that was just some left overs for another project)

I put on some PVA and sand the base, I also glue on some rubble here and there. 

I use these to make trees and plants on these bases, this is because I want to have a jungle theme on these (for my Warzone: Resurrection Venusian Jungle board ). I bought them out of eBay so don't now what they are for, but probably some kind of plastic plants for aquariums or something similar. I did repaint the middle one and washed the others. 

I also added a oil barrel from an old Wh40k terrain kit. Then I starter to paint. First I primed them black and then I airbrushed the barricades with Vallejo Air Concrete (71.131)

I then airbush on Citadel Skrag Brown on the dirt areas. I made another tutorial on how I painted the barrels go and check that out here if your'e interested.

I then make one highlight on the dirt with a mixture of Citadel Longbeard Grey, Citadel Zamnesi Desert some and Skrag Brown. For the concrete I made a highlight with a light grey color, in this case Warpaints Ash Grey. 

If you don't want any grass, bushes or trees you can stop here and just add anything you like really. As I wrote earlier though I go with a jungle theme so I will add some vegetation. 

So last and final step, some trees and plant I had lying around. I repainted them to make them fit better with the rest and I added some static grass and green clump foliage (these are from Gale Force Nine) and for last some Jungle Tufts and Highland Tufts from Army Painter. 

That's it, quite happy with how it turned out in the end and didn't take to long to make. Hope this tutorial may prove to be useful for some of you out there. Cheers!


  1. This is a fantastic tutorial. Thanks so much for taking the time to do it. I think I'll be saving some excess resin bits in the future to duplicate this!

    1. Thanks Greg glad you found it useful that is the main purpose of my tutorials. (and to help myself how I did things :P ) Oh and do try to do yourselves it really is quite easy to get a nice result. Cheers!


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