Thursday, 17 July 2014

Conversions Corner: Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Conversions Corner is my posts where I show you.... yeah you guessed it. Conversions. They may be simple kit bashing sometimes or more complicated stuff, but I post something up when I think someone might find it interesting.

So on on to this conversions then. It will be my Daemon Prince of Nurgle for my WH Fantasy Warriors of Chaos army. I already have a more standard looking DP already so wanted to do something else with this one. So I bought the old Necron C'tan Shard called The Nightbringer. Really awesome model and always has been, I always wanted to do something with even if I don't want to collect Necrons.

So I made into a Nurgle DP, my version as well as the original sculpt really is something to look like death incarnate. I added wings from an old zombie dragon kit, shoulder pads from the Chaos Knight kit and shield and skull (on the scythe) from Wulfrik the Wanderer.

Did some minor greenstuff work here and there but the biggest work was to pin the model and the heavy parts (the body and wings are all metal as you can see). The base is mostly made up of a part of the Arcane Ruins set.

That is all really, not that difficult but I think it will look really nice when painted up and all. So do visit the blog again in the future to see the painted and finished model.

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