Monday, 10 June 2013

Miniature Monday weekly roundup

I don't have many regular segment posts at the moment but that is about to change. This Miniature Monday weekly update idea came originally from Heelanhammer I think, where we practically just showed what we are painting or doing hobby wise right now and put it on Twitter with #MiniatureMonday. I will put this on Twitter as well but I will also go a little bit further and show you what I have been painting and modelling that last week as a sort of a round up.

So what have I'm been doing this past week then?

Lately I have had a big focus on my WoC, this will continue but I will now start to finish some unfinished units and models for my Empire as well. And here's what I want to paint up and finish first.

I have been working mostly on my Empire this week with my Halfling Archers and Human Archers, these will take a a little more time before they are finished though but here's some WIP pics.

A lot more do do on these models as you can see, I have three models that are close to completion however. Unfortunately the camera batteries run dry so I couldn't take any pictures this time. I have a Empire Grey Wizard which I want to finish, inspired by Warhammer Quest. A female Middenlander youngblood for Mordheim which I will use as an flagellant. Iv'e also started to convert two new Knights of the Black Rose which I have started to paint up as well.

And some non Empire stuff as well, my Bauhaus Kommando Sergeant is soon finished I hope just some things with the base and final highlights.

That's all for now, I hope next Miniature Monday will be better with more pictures and actual finished model. Cheers!


  1. Nice work.

    Here is the original idea ;) #shamelessplug

  2. Thank you I didn't know that, cheers for giving us all that great idea then! And consider your blog being added to my blog roll.

  3. Very welcome, I am amazed it has taken on a life of its own (now over 2 years old)!


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