Sunday, 2 June 2013

News: July WD cover leaked. Wh40 Apocalypse!

Found this pic of the next WD cover on Facebook. So apperantly we get Apocalypse next month, and well that thing on cover is a new Chaos Khorne Lord of Battle first found in WH40k Epic but now will arrive in ordinary 40k as well. Can't say I really like the look of it even if I like the thought bringing in Epic models into  40k game. I can only hope we may see some Warmaster models doing the same.


  1. Ye 'olde classic EPIC Chaos Khorne Lord of Battle. Pretty cool. Phasing out the Specialist games makes more and more sense. Why sell a few 6mm scale figures when you can sell tons of 28mm scale uber-machines?

  2. It makes me think of Johnny 5 from the "Short Circuit" movies..

    Either that or a He-Man toy.


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