Friday 7 June 2013

News: Warhammer Forge Merwyrm

We have seen WIP pictures of this beast before but here's the finished and beautifully painted version. And I must say I'm usually not a hug fan of Trish Carden and her monster designs but this one is looking really cool and menacing. I might buy it when I have painted the WH Forge stuff I already have.

I got the pictures from their Newsletter and more pictues and info can be found on their webpage here.

Info from Warhammer Forge Newsletter below:

The seas of the Old World are home to many dark horrors, not least of which are the dreaded Merwyrms. These ancient creatures stalk the depths of the ocean in search of prey, propelled at great speed by their long tail and sinuous body.
Dry land is no sanctuary against these voracious monsters however, and when food is scarce they have been known to assault coastal villages, devouring their inhabitants and leaving little but a trail of devastation in their wake. Many armies in the Warhammer World, particularly the High Elves, have used binding scrolls to unleash the might of Merwyrms against their enemies.
The Merwyrm is depicted coiled around the wreck of a boat, whose hapless crew have done little to sate this vicious creature’s boundless hunger. 
The model measures approximately 155mm (6") long and 130mm (5") tall to the tip of its tail, and rules for these nightmares of the deep can be found in Monstrous Arcanum. The Merwyrm, designed by Trish Carden, is a multi-part resin kit that is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday June 28th.

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