Monday, 24 June 2013

Miniature Monday Weekly Update

So another Monday and another weekly update about what I have been doing the last week. It actually started with not much hobby work at all as both my girlfriend and my daughter had their birthdays with a lot of celebrations and birthday parties and what not. But I later actually got around painting some stuff.

One of the things I got an sudden urge to do was to re-paint my Dwarfs, nothing major just try out a different colour scheme as I felt the old one is to similar to my WoC and Empire. I have also always liked Dwarfs in red so I went that instead.

I may have to do something else with the Thunderer but I like how the shields turned out, especially the Ironbreaker shields. (old colour scheme can be found here)

I have also continued painting my Empire Archers and two are pretty much finished as you can see below. Just some more highlights and some work on the bases, I had three more on the way almost finished but I misplaced one of them and just can't find anywhere :O

I have painted a little more Warzone as well, and changed the colours of the Shoulder and knee pads on thins miniature and like this one better actually so I may go with this colour on my Bauhaus. 

That's all for today, and now I'm going to eagerly await the PDF  rules of Warzone: Resurrection which will be released for backers today!

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