Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Warzone: New pictures!

Soon we will get us the first things to be sent out, Rulebooks (for those who just pledged for those) and PDF:s of the Rulebook for all Pledgers. Nearing their deadline Prodos is now throwing out pictures showing the latest renders and of cast miniatures and It is looking really good I must say.

Also go a read the latest post on League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG) where Second Class Elitist have some inside info and making educated guesses about the near future of WZR, a good read for us interested in WZR.

So here's the latest updates from Prodos:

New more 'Old school' look on the Light Infantry, I like!

And even better is the Airbourne upgrade pack, awesome looking unit.

Angelica Drachen, Valerie Duval and a Venusian ranger in the background, is looking good!



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  2. Awesome stuff, I love the look of those minis, very dynamic.


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