Monday, 17 June 2013

Miniature Monday weekly roundup

So Monday again and here's what I have been doing lately in the hobby. I have been dabbling into a couple of projects really and not really finished anything accept the Empire Grey Wizard I posted yesterday. Other than that I pretty much continue on the stuff I reported about last Miniature Monday.

First up is the Bauhaus Kommando, have done some Highlights on him so there's just a couple of more things to do on him including the base and some more Highlights.

I haven't done much with my Archers this week but they are on the high priority list on things to do and finish up painting. Also high on this list is the two Knights of the Black Rose and some more Flagellants including some Mordheim models. For Empire I also have a big model to continue painting, the Celestial Hurricanum, wow that is an intimidating model to start and paint up, there's just so much details and parts to paint. Especially when you already have painted a similar model (my War Altar).

For WoC I have a couple of stuff to do as well, and highest on that list is my BSB on Demonic Mount and finish painting up one Skullchrusher.

That's all for now, I hope this can be of some interest for you my readers, for me it's another motivator to actually complete something during each week. Which is something I really need :) Until next time, bye.

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