Saturday, 8 June 2013

Warhammer Quest for iOS: First impressions

For you who don't know Warhammer Quest was an RPG Boardgame published by GW back in 1995. You have a group of warriors who seek fame and fortune in the depths of the old world on a grid based board, doing quests, slaying monsters and earning experience and better equipment in the process.

I didn't play it back then I'm afraid and have never played after either even if I've always thought that it sounds like a really fun game. Anyway, last week Rodeo Games released their take on the game for all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod.

I bought it the other day and have now played several hours and I struggle to put away my iPhone because it's so addictive and fun. The game in itself isn't that complicated it's pretty much exactly like the old boardgame, it's just really fun and you think; 'just one dungeon more and then I'm done' and one hour later you think the same again.

I went with the standard group first (you can buy additional three characters if you want), Marauder, Grey Wizard, Waywatcher and Ironbreaker and it works really well, especially now when you got the hang of it. 

So do I recommend it? Yes I do, for measly $4.99 you a great game for your iOS device (I normally doesn't rate iOS games) even if your a Warhammer fan or not. But if you are It's a must buy in my opinion. May do a proper review when I have finished the game later. 

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