Friday, 14 June 2013

Warzone: Production in progress

Every new update makes me more and more excited to soon get my hands on these wonderful miniatures and everything else I have pledged for. So it is always nice when we actual real and cast miniatures that is exactly what we get to see in this update. 

We see the really cool looking Crucifier and lot's of other bit's I'm unsure of. The torso on the right looks like a Capitol dude but I can't really find a perfect fit so I don't know. The ones in the background with the guns up stretched in the air may be Capitol Henry Thomas. Other than that it is looking really promising and it looks like the models is having the same amount of detail as the 3D renders, as you also can see on the pic below with the model Lord Inquisitor Hamilkar (I forgot to post this up earlier)

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