Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Warzone: Bauhaus third attempt and Reinforcements!

A while ago I did any painting update, sorry for that have been quite busy with a lot of other things lately I'm afraid. But I have finished painting up this little dude which is a Bauhaus Ducal Militia Sergeant. This is the third attempt at what colour scheme I want for my Bahaus army, and I think that I'm closer than ever with this third test mini.

I went with an darker grey on the shoulder pads and armour plates and a new camo variant which I actually liked really much. You can see how he looks down below and under him together with the two previous test minis. Please tell me what you think and which one you like the best.

I also made a new purchase from Prince August like a month ago and got my new stuff a while back, among some of the old Warzone books they still have in stock and some Imperial miniatures I will show you in a different post I also bought some additional stuff for my Bauhaus army as well (I just can't for my WZR miniatures to show up!).

As you can see, a box of Jungle Kommandos (of of my favourite Bauhaus units) which I want to start to paint up asap. I also bought a Ducal Militia GL Specialist and a HMG Team which I will change the base for when I get a 50 mm lipped base. I also got three Blitzers (another one of my favourite units), sadly they just have these poses as of now, the Sergeant (left), Kapitan with Gehenna Puker (middle) and PLR Specialist. So anyone that have some lying around and want to get rid of them (why would you?!) please contact me here or on my mail! I also bought Kapitan Konrad Von Juntz but couldn't find when I took the pics. Will be awesome to paint these up though and I'm really looking forward seeing more of the miniatures in the new WZR game.  

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