Sunday, 7 July 2013

Empire: Archer unit w/ skirmish movement tray finished

Much much work to paint up these measly 70 Pts, not just that you have to paint all the archers. If you want a nice movement tray you have do a special one that works with the skirmish rule, which I had to do of course (not that hard actually). So now they are finally finished, the first five where done long ago so it was just the final five I needed to paint up, and the movement tray of course, which I'm probably most happy with actually.

Please tell me what you think, but you don't have to remind that the purple is different between the old models and the new. I will change the old ones in due time, but not right now :)

The gang together
The new boys in town
From above, as you can see the Garden of Morr theme continues 
Bottom is in metal so I will magnetize the bases for the archers so they don't fall of the tray. 

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