Sunday, 21 July 2013

Warriors of Chaos: Tzeentch BSB on daemonic mount finished!

Finally! You know the feeling when you think that you will never finish painting a certain model? Well I had that feeling several times with this one. And it may not be that strange really. It's a quite complicated model for starters with a lot of details, and just much bits and bobs. And then I changed the banners, weapons banner designs etc. and it just takes a lot time.

But for such important model as your BSB I think that you should take your time, it's one of those models people tend to look at first when checking your army out and is most times one of the things they remembers most.

So here's it is, Tzeetnch BSB on Daemonic Mount, I based it on the Lord on Demonic Mount model but switched out the the right arm holding the weapon for a lance (will use as an halberd) from the Chaos Knights kit. I made a banner pole out of plastic tube and then added the banner from the Skullchrushers kit with all the Khorne stuff filed off. And as the tip of the iceberg I added the burning banner top from the Blasted Standard finecast kit.

The banner design is free hand but the actual design is taken from the old 4th or 5th ed Chaos Armybook back from 94'.

I'm really happy with the end result and please post your comments below, do you like it? what could be better? Everything is welcome....almost. Next post will not take a week like this one did so expect an normal Miniature Monday tomorrow.

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