Monday, 15 July 2013

Miniature Monday Weekly Update

Another Monday and another update, it feels like I have been posting about the same things all the time lately but I have also been painting models I want to put some time and effort into.

The past week I have been painting mostly on my Tzeentch BSB on a Demonic Mount, it's a great miniature with lot of details so it takes some time to paint up, I have also been doing some minor conversion work on him and recently changed banner which is the last thing among with the base to finish before the whole model is done so expect that in the coming days.

I have been painting on some other models as well and it has been mostly WoC models the past week. I continue painting on my Khorne Daemon Prince which I will add wings to and use him as an Bloodthirster as well as an Khorne DP and yes I will start a little Daemon Army because of this and that I already have a lot Daemon models.

I also continued painting a Spawn which won't take that much time to finish up. That's pretty much all, I will continue on this but I will change focus to Empire again when the BSB is done and finished and I have some rather nice modelling projects in store for them as well so check this space out in the near future.

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