Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Painting Challenge 2013: May & June

Yeah.... I missed to to one Painting Challenge post, well for my defence it didn't happen much that month and at least now the June post comes a little bit earlier. Anyway here's May and June.


The model that netted me most point the past two months
2 Nurgle Chaos Warriors Champ, Standard = 52 Pts
1 Tzeentch Chaos Warrior = 16 Pts

Imperial Guard

1 Veteran Sergeant - Don't know actually is it 14? or just 7?

WZR: Bauhaus
1 Ducal Militia (now used as Hussars) 16 Pts (new WZR rules)

Total this month: Pts 98

Not many minis painted and not many point gained, a bad month but there always are, are many times you have painted a lot more but not finished much, this is the case this month I hope ^^

Shadow Wizard lvl 2 = 100 Pts

WZR: Bauhaus
1 Squad Commander = 16 Pts (new Hussar rules)

Total this month: 116 Pts

So not much better this time, well I went with the middle road for the Shadow Wizard as an lvl 2 as that's probably the lvl I wanna use him as, or as a Wizard Lord. Pretty much the same as the month before though with much work done but not much completed, hopefully this will show in the next update in the Painting Challange.

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