Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Empire: Ten more Flagellants

Why I paint ten more Flagellants you ask? Well.... certainly not because they are any good in the game now but I quite like the models and a big unit of them looks really nice. My unit needed some reinforcements and some touch ups though so I got around and painted up ten new models for the unit. I'm also in the process of upgrading my unit filler which I will show you on the next Miniature Monday so stay tuned for some more conversion work being done.

Until then here's some middle of the unit Flagellants, meaning I haven't been putting that much time into painting them. These are also some of the old metal minis I have wanted to repaint for ages, so many of them are in the same pose (accept the girl which is an Mordheim Middenheim youngblood if I remember correctly)


  1. Very nice. I like the purple robe makes me think he was a nobleman then took a vow of repentance...

  2. Thanks, that was what I was going for a little. And also to tie in more with the rest of the armies colour scheme.


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