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Review: White Dwarf July 2013

Lately I have always tried to minimise the text in the WD reviews just because it feels like I'm repeating myself quite a lot. This don't always work as intended though because if I always explain the different segments and what not it will require quite a lot of text. So in this one I will try a little bit different format, pretty much explaining what it is about mostly, then the best stuff and the bad stuff and a conclusion in the end. Hopefully you guys who read this will still enjoy it and maybe even think it easier to read trough. So on to the review shall we?

The new releases
Of course it's this months release that is in focus, and I think all of you know about that by know. It's Wh40k Apocalypse for 6th ed. I'm not really impressed by the releases though, we get an terrain and fortification piece in the form of the Aquila Strongpoint, the Apocalypse book with both an Gamer's Ed and Collector's Ed. Some new masters for Space Marines and of course the big ones all is talking about the Khorne Lord of Skulls and Necron Tesseract Vault . They are impressive kits but I don't really fancy them much myself even if I'm sure many do. We also get some stuff for The Hobbit, BL books and the usual stuff.

Other than that and some other things this issue is about Apocalypse. The Battle Report is a massive one and they even took some bigger pictures showing the battlefield for us, even an second centrefold showing us the whole board and all the models (Dark Angels and Blood Angels vs. Chaos Space Marines and Necrons).

There's also a Article called 'The road to Apocalypse' where they show us what the WD team has been doing to get ready for some big Apocalypse battles. Of course we also get some Painting tips on how to paint Khorne Lord of Skulls,Tesseract Voult and the Aquila Strongpoint in Paint Splatter which is okey but an bigger more detailed Tutorials would have been nice for at least one of them.

The Good
I'm not overly excited for Apocalypse I must confess so my highlights are the other bits in this issue, for example I found the Warriors of Chaos by Jaime Forster which is this Army of the Month really inspiring. Really nice paint job and an truly big and awesome looking army. We also get some painting tips on how he painted his Warriors which is nice.

Another thing I like and have liked since it started is the War Diary where people are preparing and painting armies for Armies on Parade 2013, my favourite is of course Dan Harden's Ostermark where he among other things paints up a Death Heads regiment (from Empire Uniforms and Heraldry) which is looking really nice.

There's also a new release from Forgeworld which I'm quite excited about, it's an Contemptor Dreadnought for the Minotaurs Chapter, it looks awesome and will be one of the things I will be buying next time I make an order from Forgeworld.

The Bad
Some articles isn't here in this issue like Blanchitsu, and sure it was pretty much the same all the time but I which they could do something with this, like for example doing Mordheim Warbands one month, etc. Pretty sure this won't happen though as it seems GW just want to forget all those lovely Specialist Games. Other than that there really isn't something particular that is bad, but the overall feeling of this issue is that is isn't that interesting, it's sure doesn't make me interested in Apocalypse.

It's not bad as I said but it isn't that interesting either. I don't know why really maybe because the main releases was not my cup of tea. Also I want to see rules, fluff and the other bits that are missing since the change of WD format. Something that make the magazine worth buying, hopefully we will see some of this in future but we might have to wait.

Rating: 2.5

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  1. thanks for the review. I was quite interested in Apocalypse (if not in the Derpy models- and I even have a Khorne army) and so I nearly bought this issue, which would have been the first in a year or so. Nearly. Got to the checkout and discovered it wasn't £4.50 any more but is now £5.50, which breaks through some sort of mental threshold for the price of a glorified catalogue. So I put it back.


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