Monday, 1 July 2013

Miniature Monday Weekly Update

The past week I have actually painted quite a lot, but not really finished anything yet. And the stuff I have been doing is pretty much the same as in previus Mini Monday, but much of it is nearing completion. So here it goes.

I bought my self a new can of Army Painter Quickshade, well actually two. One Dark tone and one with strong tone that I wanted to try out. I'm haven't used this painting method in a while and I will pretty much only do on miniatures that I want to paint up and get finished fast as well as the troops I know works out good with it, like my Orcs & Goblins, some of my Empire troopers and so on.

So I'm pretty much done with four new Archers, it was five but I somehow lost the body of one of the Archers when I was shaking of excess Quickshade, well he loosened from the base which I hold and I throw away the whole model, I found the head, arrows and right arm holding the bow but the rest is just gone :S So I have to paint up a new body for him.

I have also continued painting up Halflings, the crew for my Hot Pot is soon finished and the first of the Archers too. One of the reasons for the going with Quickshade again though is to have it on metal models, this because it prevents chipping very nicely. And I still have a lot of metal models I really want to paint and some of these is my Flagellants which is a unit I want to upgrade to 40 men strong, I have painted up six new ones but there is still some more work on these, even if they will be in the back rows of the unit.

Warriors of Chaos
I had a little break from them but I got an sudden urge to finish my BSB on a demonic mount so I started to paint him again yesterday. I also got some new ideas regarding my Sorc Lord on Disc and Lord on Disc so I fiddled a little with them as well. Two other things I want to finish up is my Gorebeast Chariot and the first Skullchrusher.

So not much that is finished but much more will be in the coming days.

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