Thursday, 19 September 2013

Army Showcase: Warriors of Chaos

This is the first showcase page Iv'e done and the idea is to have one for each of the armies I have (with at least some painted models in it). Because of how the blogger system is working the easiest way of doing this is to simply make a new blog post and then link them together. So this first one will be quite simple with an overview look of the army as it looks like now and then have direct links to each section (Lords/Heroes, Core, Special and Rare). The reason why I divide them is because this page would be to pic heavy if I had all the pictures here. So just follow the links to see more pictures and info.


  1. Good idea, although it could take a lot of photography...

    Great looking Warriors army.

  2. Lookin' great! Tzeentch would be proud!

  3. Thanks guys, now the Lords/Heroes part is up as well so go and check that out :)

    Hoodling - Yeah, but I take photos on all of my finished models anyways so it doesn't matter :)


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