Tuesday 3 September 2013

Full WoC army shot!

I totally forgot to post the Miniature Monday Weekly Update yesterday, but my thought where to post some pictures  of the full Warriors of Chaos army as it looks right now. It's not a huge army but at least it starts to look like one, and as WoC is a high cost army I can easily make an 2400-2500 pts list (and even more) out of it.

I need to add more stuff to it though, and first of all I want to finish the incomplete units. The Nurgle warriors just need three more soldiers and I'm in the process of painting up two more Skullchrushers. Then I want to start on my Chaos Troll unit and Throgg, along with an Disc Lord and a Disc Sorc lord, and then I have a whole lot of more models to paint up. It is a really fun army to paint up though, and WoC really opens up the conversion possibilities. So expect me to continue working on them for quite some time.


  1. That is an awesome looking army! The blue is a very strong colour and stand out. Great stuff!


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