Monday, 9 September 2013

Miniature Monday 'Mutalith Vortex Beast'

Got several things to show you in this Mini Monday post, and it's still WoC I'm currently working on even If I might start to paint up some more Empire to  models very soon.

First of all I have worked on painting up two more Skullcrushers, and they take some time to paint up actually. As you can see I have some more things to do on them, but they are coming along nicely and the most time consuming parts is finished already. I will try finish these up this week if I can keep my hands from painting the new project.

And the new project is as it says in the title, the Mutalith Vortex Beast. I loved this model as soon as I first saw it but I haven't come around to paint it up yet as I focused on models I thought I would use more in games.

But I discovered a thread over at The Chamber of the Everchosen forum where a member called Tremendous is showing his army and also make battle reports and put them up on Youtube (found here: ). And well he uses the Vortex BEAST in every game and he is actually working really good in his list, and he sounds like a really fun choice to use so I just needed to paint him up.

As you can see not much done with him yet, but I actually used the Citadel Spray Gun to paint the blue (colours Necron Abyss 80 % Regal Blue 20 % and then Water) over a white undercoat. And it worked out really nice, I first sprayed a thin coat and then painted on one more coat with the same thin watered down colour and wiped away the paint on the upper parts with a sponge. I then washed with Nuln Oil and used the sponge technique again. So a lot more to do on him but so far I'm really happy with the result.

And for last I have one thing that is finished and that is my fully magnetized movement tray for the Nurgle Warriors, so then I just need three more Warriors and that unit is complete.

That is all for now, hope these posts is somewhat interesting to you as I find it to be a great motivator for me to complete my Painting projects and start new ones, just to have something new to show you here. Any tips or suggestions how to improve or just any input from you who read this is more than welcome.


  1. The army is coming along superbly. The colour choices are fantastic, and extremely well executed. It's fast becoming one of my favourite armies in progress.

  2. Thank you Mr Saturday, means much coming from you :)


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