Sunday, 1 September 2013

WoC: A blue Skullchrusher!

Khorne players weep as I paint my Skullchrushers blue instead of red! If you have followed this blog a little in the past you may know that I'm trying to do a mixed mark WoC army but I want most of it to be blue. Which we all know is a Tzeentch colour, and that will also be the main deity for the army even if I mix in more and more Nurgle for some reason :O.

Anyhow Nurgle was quite easy to think out how to achieve this, but Khorne was harder and the main reason I haven't finished painting any of them for so long. You can see the result below and I went with having mostly blue but quite a lot of metal (which had a red glaze over it as well) and Brass of course. I also went with the fiery theme for both shield (the unit will be called Burning Skulls or something) and the ensorcelled weapon. So what do you think?

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