Sunday, 22 September 2013

Warriors of Chaos: Lords/Heroes

Warriors of Chaos has quite a few really good and viable choices in both Lords and Heroes, most notably the Nurgle Daemon Prince and Tzeentch BSB. I have a goal of painting a lot of the options open in the WoC list, so far I don't have that many but expect this page to be bigger in the future.

Daemon Prince (Tzeentch/Nurgle)

This is my try to do an dual mark DP. But as the main colour here is blue most people including me tends to view him as an Tzeentch DP. I made some green colours on him as well to try to justify him being a Nurgle DP as well but the more I thought about this the more I think that it doesn't work. I could try to 'Nurglify' him as I have started to do on my Nurgle Warriors and Gorebeast but I don't really want to mess the paint job up on this one just to make him look a little more Nurgle. So Iv'e decided to paint up a new one to have as a Nurgle DP, and in the meantime this one can work.

Tzeentch BSB on a Daemonic Mount

A choice I will probably go with in most lists is this one, which I finished painting up during the summer (2013). I am really fond with the result if I may say so, especially the free hand design inspired from a banner in a old Champions of Chaos book (5th ed I believe). I don't think anyone will argue about this one being marked Tzeentch, Iv'e used the colours I have as the main colours in the army (Enchanted blue and washed black and then re highlighted) and also a lot of gold, typical Tzeentch colours. I have also incorporated some of the designs I try to paint throughout the whole army, like the red eyes.

Sorceror on foot/disc

The first character model I made for my WoC army was this one, a Tzeentch Sorceror. I made some modelling on him to make the burning skull as seen here. It is showing it's age now though I think, he still looks quite good but he doesn't fit with how I paint the warriors right now. I have some ideas on changing the flames for normal red/orange/yellow flames and tidy up the rest of the paint work. I will make a new Sorcerer before though and he works as is as well.

Throgg the Troll King

The first and only special character Iv'e painted for my WoC army is the Troll King himself. Couldn't restist painting up this guy and well he totally badass in the game as well which is of course a bonus. Really like the model actually and the "Finecast" version I got was actually really nice, nothing to complain about.

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