Tuesday, 24 September 2013

News: Dark Elves WD Pictures and Rules!

So at last, some pictures of the new Dark Elves. And they look really cool in my opinion, really nice. Pics comes from:


And the rumors via Faet212.

via Scizorsfury on Warseer
The sisters of slaughter are rares: enemies is base contact with them lose rank bonuses.

Hydras are specials can upgrade to get a strength 4 breath attack, no regen but can regrow heads (recover lost wounds) just like the slann can with his discipline.

The kraken thing has a special ability that triggers when all 5 of its attacks hits ( gets an extra attack that inflicts additional hits) has a scaly skin save and causes terror. Enemy models in base contact must re roll successful leadership tests. Both use the monster and handler rules.

They have 2 signature spells just like high magic. One of the spells goes off on a 8+ and grants a unit +1 strength and then you gain D3 power dice but if you gain 3 power dice this way the wizard suffers a wound with no saves allowed.

The army has always strikes first.

Murderous Prowless: models with this rule re roll 1s when rolling to wound.

Wizards casting Dark Magic add plus 1 to their casting attempts.

edit via Scizorsfury
I had the sisters rule mixed up with the kraken monster. They take away rank bonuses


  1. How the hell does that shrine move? Is it supposed to be pushed like the Bell?

  2. Best thing with fantasy, you can always say..... MAGIC! ;P


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