Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Review: Kromlech Khoot'ach Plague Reaper

I got some sweet stuff from Kromlech and among them one of their full Miniature kits, Khoot'ach Plague Reaper. So before I paint him up I thought I'll give a little unboxing/review of the kit as well as suggestions as to what to use him as and size comparisons.

So when opening the box you will see all the parts you get, the main body with torso, head, legs and arms and then two separate hands one holding a axe and one holding half a corpse. And of course you get a base and it's a 40 mm round base as used for Terminators etc. in 40k, a GW 40mm is just slightly higher than this one.

So because of most of the model is a single piece it's harder to customize it's pose and what not. I don't see this as a huge problem though as you will probably use him as a hero or similar and just one in an army. Also the pose it has is cool as it is.

Putting it together was no problem except that I unfortunately managed to break the top half of the axe, and that thing was a paint to glue together again for some reason. Other than It was no problem using Super Glue as I normally do with resin models.

The model have nice details but nothing over the top, as you can see above the model is about the same height as an GW Ogre but slimmer and more proportionate. I will paint this one up as fast as I can and will probably use it as an Chaos Ogre champion with Mark of Nurgle. Other nice options for this guy is as an unit filler or Chaos Ogryns or even an 40k Hero on a 40mm base.

So as an conclusion, I really like how the model looks and it was easy to assemble a little minus for being hard to glue if a part has broke off and for not having a square base in the package as well. Not a huge problem but I will use him on a square base and therefore I also need a 40mm Square base, luckely I have quite a few lying around so not a problem.

Other than that I can really recommend the model and I think that the $17.99 is a fair price for it, especially if you are going with a Nurgle theme on your Wh40k/Whfb army. Really looking forward painting him up. 

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