Friday, 20 September 2013

The Empire: Halfling Hot Pot finished!

The Halfling hot pot is done! Sadly you can't have them in games anymore, well not since 5th ed anyway. Well I will incorporate some Halflings into this army anyway and even GW which still sells this model is suggesting to use this as an Helstorm Rocket Launcher instead, and that is my intention as well. Will probably not use it much in gaming anyway since the Rocket Launchers suck pretty much but still a fun choice to have in the army. And the models are such classics.¨

I made my own base for these using four cav bases to make it into a chariot base instead, not really satisfied with the result but I didn't have any spare Chariot bases so this will have to do. Other than that I'm happy with how the turned out, the yellow needs some more work, especially on front guy where you can see his back on the second pic. It needs one more highlight I think.

So what do you think, you like these classic models? And do you want to see Halflings again in future Empire releases? I sure want that to happen. Tell me in the comments. 

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