Tuesday, 12 February 2013

2013 Painting Challange - January

So I promised to do this post at the end of each month to see what I have accomplished during that month and If I'm holding to the goal of about 282,5 Pts each month. A little late this month I know but better late than never. So what's the result then?

1 Demigryph Knight Musican

68 Pts

Guardians of the Covenant
1 Terminator Serg. 1 Assault Cannon 108
10 Space Marines 175
1 Rhino 35

318 Pts

1 Razorback

75 pts

Total: 461 Pts

So quite a lot of pts painted this month even if I cheated a little with easer models which already where mostly painted. But they actually required quite a lot of paint though, especially the Rhino.

So what's up for for Feb, some models are already finished but I have even more WIP:s on the workstation that I think I will finish up this month. I have also changed focus and that's first to finish up the Empire units I already have started to paint and then a lot of  WoC, as I will get some new models soon. In the meantime I have quite a lot of WoC models already to paint like the Skullchrushers, Warhounds and Warriors. Here's a WIP of my Lord on Juggernaught, well the Jugger at least.

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