Thursday, 14 February 2013

Warzone Resurrection Count down

This has totally slipped under my radar but I'm very excited to see that a company called Prodos Games is making Miniatures based on Mutant Chronicles under the name of the good old wargame Warzone. Now called Warzone: Resurrection they have showed some concept art and teasers of some of the upcoming models and it looks really promising.

I'll admit I'm a real GW fanboy and don't own much of other companies models and ranges, and truth to be told, I'm not that interested either. With Warzone however is a different matter. I remember the old Wargame and even If I didn't collect or played any game back then many of my friends did. And the models looked cool for it's time but quite dated by now.

This new range looks really great and I will follow this count down (check out their website) and see what they have done with this great IP. Now I only hope they or someone else resurrect the other old Target Games game/IP of Chronopia


  1. Despite liking each new post they make I am trying really hard to ignore this...honest...

  2. Yeah well I can't ignore it, even though I promised myself not to buy much more miniatures this year :S Have to get some of these, and I'm looking forward seeing more miniatures from them.


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