Saturday, 23 February 2013

WARZONE: Kickstarter reaches £50k goal

Haven't reported on how it is going with the Warzone: Resurrection kickstarter in a while, well it is doing good! First we reched the initial goal of 35k to unlock Bauhaus and we have gotten quite a lot of concept images and 3D renders since then, but nothin of the final casting design yet. After that we also unlocked both the 40k, 45k, and yesterday we also unlocked the 50k pledge level. Below you can see what's unlocked so far and what to come at the 60k level.

Unlocked at 35 k.
So now we need to work towards the the 60k, I wan't those heroes! :P I say we but I have yet to add my pledge actually. Have been waiting on what factions to choose but I'm leaning on Dark Legion, The Brotherhood and Bauhaus so it's the Dark Legion pledge level I'm at the moment. Plus that I need to add some more units after that as well.

Down below are some concept images for the Vulcan and Angelika Drachen, the cards and some pictures showing the actual casting quality as well as comparison with an Warmachine mini I believe. Among with some other things I found over at their Facebook page.

I'l will keep you updated on this as I follow this Ks progress every day, and if you are interested in this game. Go over to their kickstarter and make and pledge, just follow the banner below.

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