Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Warriors of Chaos: Tzeentch Warhounds finished

The Chaos Warhounds are still great in the new book, better even when upgraded and also counts to your Core which they didn't in the old book. This is two units of five, most of them have been finished for some time but I have three lying around unfinished. But now they are done and as you can see I have painted them in blueish colours to tie them in with the rest of my Tzeentch army.

Please tell me what you think.


  1. They both look excellent, especially the more blueish ones. Great basing.

  2. I second the basing comment, great work with the snow theme. I think the first group look more wolf like whilst the second group look more possessed like. As if demons are actually trying to pull themselves out of the wolves which, given the mark of your army, fits very nicely. Both great colour schemes, any reason why you painted them both differently?


  3. Mr Saturday - Thanks mate, yea I think I like the blue ones more as well.

    Phil - Again, thank you ^^. The reason is I that I first painted up two test models and I liked both So instead of choosing which one I should paint I instead did two slightly different looking units. Which can be mixed with each other if I prefer that.

    Have 20 more hounds which are Brown painted atm (where like that when I bought them). Don't know if I should repaint them in these colours or have brownish :/.


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