Friday, 15 February 2013

WARZONE: Kickstarter is up!

So the count down was for their Kickstarter campaign to begin, was hoping for something more spectacular but hey it's a great way to finance a project. Anyhow, they are showing quite a lot of new pictures of the models already finished as well as the ones they will make when certain pledge goals are met.

The four first factions will be The Legion, Cybertronic, The Brotherhood and Bauhaus is unlocked when the 35k goal is met. They also have Capitol unlocked at 80k as a fifth faction.

Here's their description of the game and the Kickstarter project as well as the four starter sets, for more info and to back up this game up follow this link:

Warzone Resurrection is a 28mm scale tabletop skirmish wargame for two or more players, each fielding units of warriors drawn from one of the mighty MegaCorporations of Mankind, the Brotherhood or its vile enemy, the Dark Legion. Warzone Resurrection is a fast paced, exciting and tactical miniature game created by Prodos Games Ltd. and Paraodox Entertainment.

The Warzone Resurrection project brings the tabletop game well and truly into the 21st century. Lovingly, we have taken essence and best bits from the game, art and prose of previous editions to produce all new miniatures, a background re-imagining (by Warzone mega-fan and writing genius, Andy Hoare) and an exciting innovative gaming system.

The gaming system involves both miniatures and cards. The minis are your skirmish force and the cards represent game resources, additional wargear, global and local effects on the battlefield etc.. In a real battle it is likely that a soldier wouldn't know his opponents wargear, whether they have grenades or a laser-sight for example. Both sides might be surprised by a Martian earthquake or Mercurian solar flare. The Venusian jungle cover you are in might be better (or worse) than you thought! War is rarely predictable, especially when it takes place on the planets, planetoids and asteroids of the solar system! All these and many more variables are represented by the cards you and your opponent play. Making Warzone Resurrection a truly novel, realistic and exciting tabletop miniature skirmish game!

The Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter project is to fund our fourth faction the MegaCorporation 'Bauhaus' (and then, hopefully, more starting with our fifth faction, the MegaCorporation 'Capitol'). Our ultimate goal (stretch goal value: £70k) is to make the four starter sets in plastic (at present they, like all our other miniatures, will be made in high grade resin)

We already have the first three forces designed and ready for production. These are:

The Cybertronic MegaCorporation

The Brotherhood

Dark Legion

Each starter set will include all you need to field your skirmish force, including over a dozen finely detailed 28mm scale models (although some are a lot bigger), the rules, 75 beautifully designed game cards and not one, but twotwenty-sided dice (D20s). This, and a friend with a starter set of their own, is all you'll need to play (as well as a ruler or tape measure), but why stop there? Maybe you could expand your force with a new unit of troops, some fearsome monsters or even a vehicle of war.

The Starter sets:

My Comment: I will think I have to back this project up, I really like the IP and the miniatures looks awesome so far. I just need to figure out how much I'm willing to spend :P

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