Monday, 18 February 2013

WARZONE: Mortificators

Prodos Games showed some more concept art at their facebook page. So this time it's Mortificators for the The Brotherhood faction, and they look awesome! Makes me more uncertain though at which factions I want first, the Legion and Bauhaus was my first thought but I really like The Brotherhood and Cybertronic as well. Also waiting for a pledge level for unlocking Imperial and Mishima.

Anyhow It's really interesting to follow this Kickstarter and I like the fact that they really listens to the fans and pledgers as they get suggestions and ideas on both the KS comments page and Facebook. Like for example they changed the concept work on the Bauhaus Vulcan and added pdf rules to all pledge levels after comments and suggestions from the fans.

Here's some pictures from their Facebook page, and if you are interested in this go to their KS page and the Facebook page as well as they make updates all the time.

Hope the actual models looks like this as well. 

The new concept art for the Vulcan.

Uncertain on who uses this weapon but it looks good.


  1. They are looking brill. I am loving the Bauhaus concept.

  2. Yeah they look really great, and now they are 'unlocked' as well ^^


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