Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Warriors of Chaos: Daemon Prince of Tzeentch/Nurgle and more WIP photos

Hey another little WoC update. Working completely with WoC right now as I'm really psyched at getting a full army list ready for battle. And that should not be that hard with the low model count in the army. So one model that is soon finished is the Daemon Prince. And I have painted him as a Daemon Prince that I wanted to have the look as belonging to both Tzeentch and Nurgle, so I can have a model that looks cohesive with the rest of the army (with all the blue colours and what not) but also a hint of him being marked with the mark of Nurgle. My question to you, do you think it works? Or should I do something different?

Next up is my "Nurgle" Warriors with Halberds, same thing here really. The colour of the rest of the army but I also want it to look like it belongs to Nurgle. Does it work? Any other ideas?

For last some WIP photos of a Disc of Tzeentch using various Daemons bitz. This will be the mount for my BSB, c & c is very much welcome.


  1. The demon prince is looking very sexy, not too sure about the blue warriors though.

  2. Nice work man. I really like brightly coloured WoC armies. Such a nice contrast to all the black and brown armies you see most of the time.

    The green looks a little strange on the demon prince but I actually don't think that's a bad thing for a tzeentchian model as they're all about mad, conflicting colour sets. Look forward to seeing that disc finished up too.


  3. Thanks guys!

    Kiour_gr - What about the blue Warriors? That they are blue even if they belong to Nurgle or just them being blue in general? Or is together with the green that don't work for you? I'm always interested in other peoples opinions.

    Deadspace1 - Yeah I thought the same about the Daemon Prince, but I think as a Tzeentch deamon It works. Do you think it could work as a Nurgle prince as well, at least in an all blue and Tzeentchy looking army?


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