Friday 19 April 2013

News: Pictures of the new High Elves models

The High Elves release is soon here and because of that we are now getting pictures from the next WD. Check them out below, I got them from Bell of lost Souls Lounge found here.

Eagle Chariot


Shadow Warriors

Maiden Guard/Guard of Avelorn


Maiden Guard character

Flying chariots, Phoenixes and more 

Phoenix with and without riders

Phoenix box
Comment: The models looks decent enough, but I have never been a big fan of High Elves I must say. The models I like most is the Phoenix, Shadow Warriors and the BSB the rest looks quite meh to me. Also I don't really like the concept of the flying chariot and it just feels gimicky and another chariot for HE, the Eagle looks really nice though and I know many HE players want this kit just for that one. I'll reserve further comments until I see better pictures.

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