Monday, 15 April 2013

WARZONE: Doomtrooper Radio

Was to late for me to watch this yesterday but here's an interview with Mark Rapson from Prodos Games about Warzone: Resurrection, done by Doomtrooper Radio.

So what is this Doomtrooper Radio then? Well it's actually the first (what I know of anyway) Warzone Podcast. We got this announcement from the blog; The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen about the Podcast, who makes it and so on;

" I’d like to proudly announce Doomtrooper Radio a Mutant Chronicles Universe Podcast. The show will officially be launching along side the product releases for Warzone Resurrection, but we will be doing a couple of pre-launch episodes. That will contain interviews and updates from the keen folks at Prodos Games.
This Sunday 4/14 at 2PM pacific time we will be doing our first pre-launch show live on Youtube we will be joined by Mark Rapson from Prodos Games. (hopefully glitch free!)
So here is what we need from you, the Warzone fans:
If you were to get the Chance to ask Mark Rapson a single question regarding the game, the hobby or general geekdom what would you ask? Post them below and we will collect a selection of these questions to ask Mark live on Sunday.
Doomtrooper Radio will be a multi-media podcast, recording one audio show and one live video show per month. Plus we plan to have video battle reports, hobby guides and other interesting hobby related content on our website once the show officially launches. We will be covering both the Mutant Chronicles role play and Warzone Resurrection games.
So you may be wondering who is involved with Doomtrooper Radio, first up is obviously me!  
Jim V:
I am a long time wargamer with over 30 years of tabletop gaming experience, you name it I’ve probably or still do game it! I am also a host on the popular Lore based 40k podcast Deepstrike Radio. I have been in love with the Mutant Chronicles universe since the release of the first edition of Warzone. 
Carlson Smith:
He is a long time gamer and also a great fan of the Mutant Chronicles universe."

Awesome that we will get a Warzone Podcast to listen to as soon as this. Good luck to you guys on this project and I have high hopes for it to be a great multi-media podcast all about Warzone.

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