Monday, 8 April 2013

WARZONE: The £105k Stretch Targets

More Warzone for the people! Well five more unit's at least one for each faction if we reach £105k, and we can expect some quite cool stuff, both classics like the Mirrormen and Sea Lions but also a new unit which is built on the first Vulcan concept art, so now it's Hussars in Juggernought armour. I didn't really like this image from the beginning when it was a Vulcan but it can work for heavy armoured Hussars I think. But they need to re-design it some though, more dynamic poses for one and grittier more steampunky in my opinion.

Otherwise the Necrobeast Riders is looking really promising, and all in all a great stretch goal and I'm looking forward seeing what they can do with these.

Oh and it's offical. Valerie Duval won the voting :) Also for you who aren't interested in Warzone (why!?!) I will be posting more Warhammer related posts soon, possibly later today.

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