Saturday, 6 April 2013

WARZONE: Max Steiner, Etoiles Mortant, Free Marines and more!

New updates is coming all the time it seems, and I love it! I also really like the latest updates showing some more love for Bauhaus and Capitol.

First of all, Max Steiner and Etoiles Mortant for Bauhaus. Here's what Prodos wrote in their update regarding the Etoiles Mortant:

The stealthy and lightly armoured Etoiles Mortant are mistresses of infiltration and close combat. The Mortants are widows and mothers that have dedicated their life to the end of the Legion or Megacorporation that has caused their loss. These are not women you want to cross......

Each box set comes with 5 multipose miniatures with 3 special weapons:

We also got some goodies for Capitol in the form of a concept art picture for Free Marines, this is because of the special 'Cardinal level' pledger who could choose a unit type and hero to be produced. Our 'Cardinal' in this case is the user UnknownGhost and here's what he wrote when he announced that he is the 'Cardinal': 

Alright Backers,

I have one rule, everyone pledges no one backs out! I am your Cardinal and I am pleased to announce with the hard work of the members of Prodos Games, we are Resurrecting *keep reading*. Concept Art for *keep reading* is under way and should be previewed before the end of the Kickstarter.

To those who are fans of Imperial I am sorry to say I attempted to bring in Blood Berets but I was unsuccessful. So I choose the next best and perhaps the most badass unit of all time. FREE MARINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free Forever Brothers!

Also this answer came from Prodos:

can confirm Unknown Ghosts statement and will hopefully be revealling the concept art for the Free Marines within the next 24 hours. They will be available to buy as an add-on. We have also been working with him on a special character which will allow an all 'free marine' army. The concept are amazing, the new character is amazing and Unknown Ghost is.....a damn good fellow, oh and amazing too!

So a big thank you Unknown Ghost for your great contribution to this Kickstarter and great choices of units and hero (although I had loved if you could go with your first choice).

And for last we have a little voting process for which hero we will get at the £100k pledge goal. It looks like it stands between Valerie Duval against the Crucifier at the moment with an slight advantage to miss Duval. I'm fine with either and want both of them, I voted for the Crucifier though. 

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