Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Warriors of Chaos: Kit bashing and Painting

Have been a little lazy on the painting side lately, so things is going slower than expected right now. But I have at least done some stuff for my WoC and here's just a little update on what I have been working on.

First of all, some kit bashing using the Forsaken kit. Which by the way are excellent for conversion purposes and for getting a lot of nice bits. So I put some stuff from that kit unto a warrior to make a Nurgle champion (and a Knight shield), and I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out. For the standard bearer I went with simpler stuff, a standard from the old Pestigors and a Knight head, easy enough.

I also followed the advice I got when I showed you the blue Nurgle warriors the last time, and added some rust to the models. Here's the test models, tell me what you think.

And for last just some WIP photos of some of the stuff I'm painting and want to finish asap. A Chimera (won't do any conversions on this one) which there isn't a huge amount of work left on and a Demonic Mount for my BSB. As always all comments are welcome and hopefully I will post painted miniatures next WoC update.


  1. If I'm honest with you mate I would go with even more rust! Make the armour look REALLY old and battered. I do really like the style of the rust you've painted though. Very stylised.

    The Chimaira looks stunning though. The entire army together must look pretty sweet!

  2. Looking great! I like your kit-bashed nurgle champion. You're the first person I've read to give the forsaken kit any kind of credit, and I agree wholeheartedly.

  3. Agree with Deadspace - more rust! Especially on the weapons. Great work, though, very sharp.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Deadspace & Kraken - I painted more rust on them including the weapons yesterday will show them soon.

    MrSaturday - Yea it's a quite nice kit actually. Expensive yes, but the minis aren't that bad if you give them proper paint jobs and as said, a lot of really nice bitz.

  5. The rust is superb mate, way more striking than I thought possible.

    Also seeing the forsaken kit in action has made me consider getting the kit too and adding a little spice to my next unit.


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