Monday, 15 April 2013

WARZONE: Hatamoto unlocked! 3 Hours to go & more goodies from Prodos

So we smashed the £150k stretch goal earlier and therefore unlocked the Hatamotos for Mishima. We have also got a lot of updates from Prodos lately see what down below.

Unlocked, looking forward seeing how they will look when Prodos makes them.

OMG, the Martian Banshees looks amazing! Gz to you Capitol players out there

The Crucifier! Also an awesome looking model, will be getting this one

A smaller stretch bonus if we reach 160k which I doubt we will. But for all pledgers of Undead Legionnaire or above you will get a 4 piece objective marker set of your faction choice. So a great thing if we get there, so continue to make your pledges people!

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