Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Warriors of Chaos: Blue Nurgle warriors?!

Most of you probably know by now that my WoC army is blue and 'mostly' Tzeentch Themed. I didn't want to be to restricted by this though and I thought that a 18 man (or in some cases 17) unit of Nurgle warriors with or without Festus is a quite solid choice. So I decided to paint up a unit of Nurgle Warriors with Halberds, but in blue to look cohesive with the rest of the army. So how do I make them look a little bit Nurgle:y anyway without going over the top?

Well I decided to do green markings on the shields and greenish faces (when we see them) and also a small unit filler that is planned to hold some Plaguebearers (like I did with the Pink Horrors for my Tzeentch warriors unit). What do you think of this idea? Is it just confusing or will the unit be obviously devoted too Nurgle despite the blue theme? Tell me what you think all comments are welcome!



  1. Maybe some deformation would make them look more nurgle... right now, they look more tzeentch imho.

    bloated belly, pustule, anything.

  2. Rust... They need more rust. How would you rust blue armour though? Orange rust? That would look great with the blue. Try these for size...

    I love the striking blue colour you've achieved though. Very nice to see Nurgle with a twist.


  3. Personally I paint my WoC undivided, with command groups (and maybe fillers) to indicate Marks.

    Looking at these, I'd have assumed they were Tzeentch, especially if most of the rest of your army is and looks pretty similar. But I think you can get away with it if you make it clear to your opponent - and the filler you mentioned (and I'd suggest the commend group) should serve as a clear visual cue.

  4. Rust would probably be the easiest option at this point I reckon. Followers of Nurgle aren't exactly renowned for looking after their arms and armour! At the mo they look a little "clean" to be Nurgle.

  5. Thank you guys for the comments and suggestions.

    First of all, the reason I painted them blue is to tie in the with rest of the (mostly Tzeentch) army. Also because of this I didn't want to emphasize to much of the Nurgley nature of this particular unit. The reason I want them to look a little Nurgley is mostly because of gaming purposes.

    But..... I hear what you are saying and I will Nurgle:fy it more, rust is a great way of achieving this so I will try this although I suck at painting rust (but thanks for the really great photos Rusty, will sure make it easier). Also I'm already in the process of converting the rest of the command group. Especially the champion who I will be showing soon ;) Keep the comments coming and thanks once again.

  6. You're welcome, I used the same pictures to get the orange I wanted on one of my Nurgle champions... *Insert shameless self promotion here* haha

    Rust is quite easy, start with a colour like vermin brown (briwn with a touch of orange) and put a little on your brush (preferably a dry brush or flat round), then dab / stipple most of it on a tissue or hard surface. Once it's only leaving a slight residue dab it into crevices and patches. Repeat slowly and don't over do it. Once you're happy do a rust 'highlight' with orange, same process, less paint. A little randomness and less-is-more works wonders, rust collects in crevices, but also spontaneously erupts in patches. Can't wait to see the command group though, you've done a right job on those shields.

  7. Thanks for the tip Rusty I will certainly try it out and I will also go with the less is more approach.

    Also shameless self promotion of wargaming/painting blogs is always welcome here :) Consider your blog added to my blog roll, the work you have done with your WoC is truly inspiring, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks man! I've very happily done the same.

  8. I think the default assumption will be that they're Tzeentch warriors purely because of the strong association between Tzeentch and blue. Something like green cloacks may help to offset this perhaps, as the green shield design blends in somewhat and so doesn't pop like red or pink would (not a contrasting colour combo).


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