Thursday, 11 April 2013

WARZONE: Praetorian Behemoth & Stalkers and Purple Sharks

Updates from the Warzone: Resurrection Kickstarter is coming day and night right now and It's really exciting to see everything Prodos have done. Here's the latest batch of 3D renders and also picture of the first casting of the Armoured Chasseurs.

Also we are currently at £ 109 386 which means we have unlocked these miniatures:

Unlock Update:

1. At £101k Necrobeast riders - UNLOCKED
2. At £103k the Mirrormen - UNLOCKED
3. At £105k the Sea Lions - UNLOCKED
4. At £107k the Valkyries - UNLOCKED
5. At £109k the Juggernaut armoured Hussars - UNLOCKED
6. At £110k the Crucifier and Free Marines
7. At £115k ???

So great stuff and soon we get the Crucifier and the Free Marines as well, so keep on pledging!

So first some pictures of the goodies for the Dark Legion:

So great stuff for Dark Legion and I will buy all of these, also nice to see some Stats for the models even if a lot aren't included there yet.

We also got a picture showing the Purple Sharks for Capitol, won't buy them but they do look really good.

Want cool posters for your man cave? Well go and make a pledge then and you can five of them, one of each of starter factions. And the ones showed so far looks really good.

And for last, first casts of the Armoured Chasseurs, kind of hard to see how crisp the details look on this picture but looks really good to me. Can't wait to see one painted.

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