Tuesday, 2 April 2013

WARZONE: Capitol Orca and Add-On Packs

I'm really starting to get annoyed on some of the pledgers who first make pledges then drop out for a while and go in again, so frustrating seeing the pledge total going up and then down. Well anyway, we still get some really cool updates and this time it's the Orca for Capitol, which is the £ 95k stretched goal. And it's looking really cool as well.

We also got an update in the middle of the night showing us the promised (the £ 75k stretch goal) Add-On packs for each of the four starter factions. Here's what Prodos tell us on the Add-On packs:

These special Extra add-on packs are only available on Kickstarter. Some parts will be available on the plastic sprues (These will be resin), such as legion shoulder pads, other things may be offered seperately as upgrade packs in the future (walker arm variants). Whereas other parts of the set may not be released again (e.g. head variants)

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