Monday 13 December 2010

Warriors of Chaos

It's been one month since I updated the blog! I'm sorry for this, but I have had a period when I haven't been painting or been much into warhammer. But that has changed now luckily. I think probably everyone have their periods when their don't want to paint, play or read about warhammer sometimes for long and sometimes for shorter periods of time.

So what changed my mind, changed is the keyword here. I got into paint my Warriors of Chaos, and I didn't went into the path of grandpa Nurgle, I decided to go for the Changer of Ways, Tzeentch. I haven't seen much painted warriors in Tzeentch theme, not in WD or the Armybook so I went hey I try something on my own.

My first draft I wasn't very pleased with, I painted it chainmail with a wash of Leviathan Purple with a little mixed in Mordian Blue. It looked okey, but not Tzeentchy enough. So I went with a Dark blue theme, with strong light blue highlights and I liked this a lot more and looked more "Tzeentchy" as well as a more sinister look to them. So far I have painted three Warriors, they take some time, luckily they are pricey in point costs so I don't have to grow tired on painting them before the regiment is done.

I could've posted some pictures of them but I didn't because I can't get the right light for them with my current lamp, but I have a new lamp which I hopefully will find tomorrow (I have totally lost it somewhere in my apartment) so then I will show you some pictures.
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