Saturday, 31 March 2012

Orcs and Goblins Update: More Black Orcs painted

I have been painting quite much lately but it feels like nothing gets finished, and sometimes is feels like that. This time it's probably because I've painted a lot of base colours for some of my models. 11 more Empire Halberdiers, 3 Mortar crew members and 5 Greatswords. But this is a O & G update so what have I been doing with them then? Well not much really, I focus a lot on my Empire army right now before the new AB is released and I will probably focus even more on it after that when I paint all the new stuff.

But here and there I squeeze in some models from the other armies and this time it's Black Orcs. Some of you may remember my old posts showing the first two test models for my BlOrc unit and that I was still undecided which route I want to go. Well I tried the middle road and here's the result.

Sorry for the poor quality on the pics, sometimes I just can't take decent pictures. I like these more than the test models but I'm still undecided on this colour scheme. I may be going with red instead of green but I don't know. Comments, criticism and ideas are very welcome, should I go with this green or go with red instead?

That's all for O & G for know but I will continue to make these little updates for them.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

News: Monstrous Arcanum

Even more news, now from Warhammer Forge and their next coming book Monstrous Arcanum. After reading through Tamurkhan I must say I'm quite excited for this book as well even if I feel that it probably won't be as useful (like having an official Chaos Dwarf army list. But non the less it seems like they continue to have really high quality on their books with beautiful illustrations. Will wait with buying it though as the new Empire stuff will eat through my already starving wallet. Down below you can see what they say about the book on the Warhammer Forge webpage.

This is the eagerly-anticipated first book in a new series from Warhammer Forge, and as its name suggests Monstrous Arcanum deals with a veritable carnival of monsters both arcane and bloodthirsty. Within this 113 page, full-colour hardback book, you will find 32 new monsters – nightmarish horrors and noble beasts, creatures of magic made flesh and the victims of terrible curses inflicted by dark powers – presented in the form of Binding Scrolls for use with any Warhammer army. 

These are not limited to just Storm of Magic games, however, as the book contains nine scenarios and special rules to allow these deadly creatures to be fielded in regular Warhammer battles, and a helpful appendix chart to allow you to theme your monsters to your army.

Lavishly illustrated throughout with some of the finest artwork yet produced by Rhys Pugh and Sam Lamont and presented in gold-inlaid leather effect binding, Monstrous Arcanum takes the form of a detailed bestiary of these infernal and terrible creatures, and also contains new magic items and artefacts alongside a short narrative campaign. Our Visual Feed channel on youtube also has an interview about Monstrous Arcanum with Alan Bligh.

This fantastic book will be on sale in limited numbers at the Forge World Open Day on Sunday 1st April, and is also available to pre-order now for despatch from the 10th April.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

News: Pictures of the new Empire stuff!

At long last we got some pictures scanned from the next WD. The pics comes from Warseer as usual and is posted by a fellow Swede Anardakil, thank you very much for these! Original post is found here.

Comment: OMG! I love all this stuff, have already pre ordered the book, withchunter, 2 boxes of Demigryph Knights, 1 War altar and 1 Hurricanum/Luminark. Will buy more of the other stuff later on and maybe I will get something for my birthday as well. If it is one thing I think they could have done a little better is to make the War Altar chassi more different from the magic chariots. I was a bit unsure on the large new Griffon model but the more I look at it the more I like it. Now I think it looks awesome and I'm really looking forward getting all this stuff.

News: More info about the new Empire stuff!

Copied from a post on Warseer by Estel.

Empire Army Book (ideal Premium/Hobby Account new release product) - Released 7th April
• 96p Full colour, Hardback Army Book.
• Essential guide to the Empire army including background, new rules, Army List, artwork and miniature gallery.
• Every Character and Unit in the Army Book is available to buy!
• Contains rules for brand new ‘never seen before’ miniatures.

Plastic Kits

Karl Franz on Deathclaw (ideal Premium/Hobby Account new release product) - Released 7th April
• This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes one of THREE different models; Karl Franz on Deathclaw, Empire General on Griffon or Amber Wizard Lord on Griffon.
• Assembled kit is huge- 6” high and 9” wide.
• A centerpiece kit that will appeal to both gamers and modelers/painters alike.
• Kit contains lots of extra pieces i.e. Multiple Chest plates and heads for the Griffon and more.

Empire Celestial Hurricanum / Luminark of Hysh (ideal Premium/Hobby Account new release product) - Released 7th April

• This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes one of Two different models; or the.
o The Celestial Hurricanum: A rare choice for the Empire Army or a mount for a Celestial Battle Wizard Lord.
o Enhances the armies fighting abilities, spell casting and can create enchanted storms!


o Luminark of Hysh: A rare choice for the Empire Army or a mount for a Light Battle Wizard Lord.
o Creates a magical enchantment that protects nearby troops and helps disrupt enemy spell casting and can fire deadly beam of light at the enemy!

• A centerpiece kit that will appeal to both gamers and modelers/painters alike.
• Each kit contains lots of extra parts e.g. Light and Celestial Battle Wizard lords, Acolytes etc.
Volkmar the Grim on The War Altar of Sigmar (ideal Premium/Hobby Account new release product) - Released 7th April

• This box contains a multipart plastic kit that constructs the mighty War Altar of Sigmar.
• Standing 7” high it is a centerpiece kit that will appeal to both gamers and modelers/painters alike.
• The War Altar is a Lord choice as it can be a mount for either Volkmar or an Arch Lector.

Empire Demigryph Knights (ideal Premium/Hobby Account new release product) - Released 7th April

• This box contains enough multipart plastic pieces to assemble three Demigryph Knights- Elite Monstrous Cavalry that are a Special choice in the Empire Army Book.
• The kit allows you to model the rank and file Inner Circle Knights or a full command group or a mixture of both.
• The kit allows them to take lances or a cavalry Halberd.

Empire Master Engineer (ideal Premium/Hobby Account new release product) - Released 7th April

• Plastic Frame Clampack that contains one Master Engineer.
• The Master Engineer is a Hero Choice in the army.
• The Master Engineer is easy to assemble and can be assembled in different ways.

Captain of the Empire (ideal Premium/Hobby Account new release product) - Released 7th April

• Plastic Frame Clampack that contains one Captain of the Empire.
• The Captain of the Empire is a Hero Choice in the army.
• The Captain of the Empire is easy to assemble and comes with 2 heads to choose from.

if already added sorry :D

Comment: Awesome stuff! Two mage chariot thingies as rare choices as well as Character mounts, three different riders for the griffon, and both Arch Lector and Volkmar. Demigryph Knights sounds awesome as well with a new weapon option it seems, cavalry halberds! Also really looking forward the smaller kits with plastic Captain and Master Engineer, can't wait to see some pics! 

Monday, 26 March 2012

News: List of all the new Empire stuff (with teaser trailer)

Taken from post from Bobske on Warseer confirms what we will get in the next Empire release which will happen April 7th with Pre orders up March 31st.

Posted by Bobske

ok let's make some people happy
The store order list

7th of April, new stuff

Empire Army book 33 EUR
Karl Franz on Death Claw 1 fig. plastic 43 EUR
Empire Celestial Hurricanium/Luminark of Hish 1 fig. plastic 39 EUR (no clue what it is but I guess something like the new VC thingymagic)
Empire Demigryph Knights 3 fig. plastic 43 EUR
Captain plastic 1 fig. 10,5 EU
Engineer plastic 10,5 EUR
Volkar on war altar plastic 1 fig 39 EUR
witch hunter 1 fig resin 13 EUR
Markus Wolfhart 1 fig resin 13 EUR
Empire amber wizard 1 fig resin splash release 13 EUR
Warrior priest 1 fig resin 13 eur

pfff, I took my bike to the city on my day off, for you guys, so hope you enjoy

I reallt want to see pictures now and I'm not a WHFB player and do not like the Empire
Well we'll just wait until someone receives his WD subscription (mine almost always arrived after it was in stores so I cancelled it  

 Comment: So excited by this and don't know how I will afford all of the stuff I want (which is pretty much all of it). Most stuff we had rumours about before but now we know the names on the Magic "altars" which have rather odd sounding names but I'm pretty sure they will look awesome. Demigryph knights is a must buy and a lot of other things like Karl Franz on Deathclaw and Volkmar, strange that they use the special character names for these as rumours suggests them to be generic kits. Well we have to wait for pics now which I'm most excited about. Also very pleased to see a Witch Hunter model! We haven't heard this before and hopefully there will be an entry for them in the AB as well. Now I can't wait to see some pictures.

EDIT: And here's the teaser trailer from the Games Workshop blog

Sunday, 25 March 2012

First five Greatswords, incl. command finished!

My first five Greatswords are finished at last. As you may have seen before I went with a little bit different color scheme. Ostermark is usually purple and yellow but also purple and white, so I went with this and painted their feathers different, and I think this turquoise color looks nice and fits with the rest of the models. These first five took some time to finish actually, but the command group usually does, and the standard bearer especially. 

And this particular standard bearer took some extra time because of an mishap. After the quickshade had dried and I was about to spray him with Anti-Shine, and I gave the banner one coat to much. The banner now looked terrible and the surface looked warped. I was so angry and tried to fix it as soon as I could and therefore I have no pics of how it looked. I needed to scrape the anti-shine off as good as I could and repaint some parts. You can still see some irregularities on the surface but at least I could save most of it, and it looks good again in my opinion. That's all for now, next time there's Black Orcs!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

General of the Empire on Griffon Finished

So at last the whole model is finished, and it was actually quite fun to paint. Don't know why it took so long for me to start up painting it. Well now it's done and I went with a hat for the General. It was actually one of the things that took me some time with the General. I just couldn't decide if I wanted to go the easy road and just take the head from General/BSB kit which I haven't used on any model yet. Or if wanted to make a new helmeted one. I actually went with the second option, but it didn't turn out as I wanted so I went with option number one anyway. And I know, a hat that large with feathers and everything should blow away when the General and is Griffon is flying high up in the sky. But I actually came up with a good explanation for this.... the Hat is magical and stays on his head as long as the General wants, easy as that. Problem solved.

I'm quite happy with how it turned out and it feels nice that it is finally finished, hope you like it as well and as always comments and criticism is very welcome.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Empire Update: More Halberdiers and Bear Unitfiller finished

Another update for my Empire but first the latest rumours regarding Empire. It now seems that Empire will arrive in April together with the new paint range. So looks like a really exciting time next month. And another thing that I'm really looking forward to but isn't war gaming related, Diablo III will be released on May 15! Busy days ahead it seems :) Anyhow, on to the stuff I'm been doing lately.

The unit as it looks now, 24 men and 1 bear strong. So pretty much half of the unit is done.
Some added details on my movement tray, but I'm afraid I'm not a good friend with camera just yet so this blurry pic will have to do.
I have been painting more Halberdiers so eight new soldiers arrive to the unit including the Unit filler with the fearsome locking Bear! I have also done a a new movement tray for them and the the idea is to make this my first magnetized tray. The problem is that I don't have enough magnets right now but I will order a couple of hundred of them so this won't be a problem. I will try to magnetize most of my trays and hopefully this will result in lesser amounts of damaged models.

Really like this model and needed to put it somewhere, so why not in a Halberdier regiment?

It was really fun and quite easy to paint, used Vermin Brown as the base colour for the bear fur.

I wrote that it was 8 new soldiers. and these and the unit filler just makes them 6. That's because I forgot to photograph the last 2 repainted ones. Well they are in the unit at least. Many people dislike the newest State Troops, I don't really dislike them but they are harder to paint because all the small details. But the thing that annoy me most... no puffy sleeves! But I like anyway.
Other things going on for the Empire is my Greatswords unit, which I will show In a later post but it is shaping up nicely. Also been working on my Grey Wizard and Elector Count of the Empire on a Griffon. Which will be done soon I hope.

Last pic for today, a army photo with most of the stuff painted. Missing some Greatswords, ten Crossbowmen a Stank and a whole lot of unpainted stuff.

Friday, 16 March 2012

News: Warpfire Dragon from Warhammer Forge

Another monster from Warhammer Forge, and it looks awesome as always. As the name suggests it's dragon who eats warpstone and is therefore a twisted and fearful creature.

I really like the looks of it and I like the smaller size, which looks more like the sizes of GW dragons. I actually got an idea of making it chaos dragon with a lord on it, maybe will one day. For more pics and info visit the WH Forge website here.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Rumours: No Empire but new GW paints in April?

Image leaked some time ago
I'm sure you have seen this rumour regarding the new colours from GW already but I post the list anyway, and hell that is a lot of new colours. Not really fond of the name changes but I'm sure they have some list of what colour matches the old ones which they will post in the next White Dwarf. Although I'm quite excited about this, and especially what seems like new types of GW colours (like 'Dry', Glaze and Texture). But there have also been rumours regarding the release of the new Empire book in April, but this will probably not happen if the new colours are released instead. And this is a big let down for me as I'm extremely excited for the new Empire release. But we have to wait until we see scans of the next WD to see what we get next month and until then you can check out the current rumours regarding the new colours and Empire below.

The list comes from Tale of Painters

Ceramite White
Averland Sun
Jokaero Orange
Mephiston Red
Khorne Red
Naggaroth Night
Daemonette Hide
Kantor Blue
Macragge Blue
Caledon Sky
Stegadon scale green
Incubi Darkness
Caliban Green
Waaaagh! Flesh
Castellan green
Death world forest
Zandri dust
Steel Legion Drab
Bugmans Glow
Ratskin Flesh
Mournfang brown
Rhinox hide
Dryad bark
Mechanicus standard grey
Celestus grey
Abaddon Black (the only black in the range)
Rakarth flesh
The fang
Screamer pink
Leadblecher (metal)
Balthasar Gold (metal)
Screaming Bell (metal)
Warplock brown (metal)

White Scar
Yriel Yellow
Flash gitz yellow
Troll slayer orange
Fire dragon bright
Evil sunz scarlet
Wild Rider red
Wazdakka red
Squig Orange
Xereus Purple
Genestealer Purple
Warpfiend Grey
Slaanesh Grey
Alaitoc blue
Hoeth blue
Altdorf guard blue
Calgar blue
Teclis blue
Lothern blue
Sotek green
Temple guard blue
Kabalite green
Sybarite green
Warpstone glow
Moot green
Warboss green
Skarsnik green
Loren Forest
Straken green
Nurgling green
Elysian green
Ogryn camo
Ushabti Bone
Screaming skull
Tallarn sand
Karak stone
Cadian fleshstone
Kislev Flesh
Bestigor flesh
Ungor flesh
Skrag brown
Deathclaw brown
Tau light Ochre
Balor brown
Zamesi brown
Doombull brown
Tuskigor fur
Gorthor Brown
Baneblade Brown
Administratum grey
Eshin grey
Dark reaper
Thunderhawk blue
Skavenblight dinge
Stormvermin fur
Ulthuan grey
Pallid wych flesh
Russ grey
Fenrisian grey
Pink horror
Emperors Children
Ironbreaker (metal)
Runefang steel (metal)
Gehennas gold(metal)
Auric Armour(metal)
Hashut Copper(metal)
Sycorax Bronze(metal)
Brass Scorpion(metal)
Runelord Brass(metal)

Casandora Yellow
Fuegan Orange
Carroburg Crimson
Druchii Violet
Drakenhof Nightshade
Coelia greenshade
Biel-tan green
Athonian camoshade
Seraphim Sepia
Reikland fleshshade
Agrax earthshade (Devlan Mud)
Nuln Oil

Praxeti White
Hexos palesun
Lucius Lilac
Etherium blue
Skink blue
Hellion green
Underhive ash
Eldar Flesh
Tyrant Shell
Terminatus stone
Longbeard grey
Changling pink
Necron Compound
Golden Griffon

Lamenters yellow
Waywatcher Green
Guilliman blue

Mourn Mountain snow
Stirland Mud
Blackfire Eath
Armageddon Dust
Lustrian Undergrowth

Lahmian Medium
Ard coat
Imperial Primer
Liquid Green stuff
As you can see that's crazy much new paints. I don't really now what all of them is supposed to be but I imagine that Base colours are today's Foundation colours, Layer is the ordinary colours, Shade is new name for washes but then it's trickier. New glaze colours as it looks and I don't know what the Dry colours are. Texture is probably for basing as it seems when seeing the names for them an Technical is various other stuff like primers and liquid green stuff. Really interesting list, I personally hope for new bottles as well as I like the Vallejo/Army Painter drop bottles a lot more now when I have used them more. Anyway, great that GW does something with their colour range and hopefully there will be some great additions for my armies.

What's up with Empire then? Well we still don't know much, but a April release have been rumoured for some time. And Harry on Warseer states that even if he said June with a big question mark a couple of months ago for Empire he can't see why the Army book will be released that late as according to him, the book are already in print and have been finished for some time. Also the current rumours suggest six new kits for Empire and these options seems like really good guesses from posters at Warseer.

Posted by Harry on Warseer.

War Altar Plastic kit

'Wizard Mobile' Plastic kit may be dual kit with the altar or not but according to Harry they share the same chassis

Lord/wizard on Griffon Plastic kit with Karl Franz option

And some plastic heroes including a Jade Wizard and one or more new Finecast Special Characters. There's also rumours about Halflings going Finecast with the old models, but no one knows if they are in book or not.

This seems awesome to me. I really like the idea of Demi-Griffons and If these rumours are true I will probably buy all of it. I just hope we don't have to wait to long for them to arrive!

EDIT: Got some more information over at Tale of Painters.

I got this info passed onto me about the new GW paint changes.
  • 144 colours are in.
  • lots of renaming of colours, nothing is leaving.
  • All in different catagories now, Shades (washes) bases, layers, glazes (thin washes) and textures.
  • Prices are staying the same.
So it sounds to me like the main thing GW is doing is reorganizing the line to make it more clear which paints/washes/etc are designed to be used in what situations.
  • There are 144 paints (the current line is only 73), so the range is doubling in size.
  • Broken down into Bases (foundations), Layers (normal colours), shades (washes), Dry (essentially goopy paint for dry brushing), Glaze (thinned washes for easier blending), Texture (sand + colour) and Technical (liquid green stuff).
  • Bottles are not changing.
  • Every color is renamed, there will be a white dwarf with a comparison guide released. Blood red is now wild rider red, ultramarine blue is Calgar blue, skull white is white scar etc etc. There is a big expansion in the greens. There are pinks again, and more purple.
  • Foundation white!! Named Ceramite White
  • New how to paint book that includes a 90 minute DVD
  • Mega paint set available year round now, but is super expensive apparently. Prices are apparently the same (for now).
Source: yakface from DakkaDakka

Monday, 12 March 2012

Painting Banners

One of the hardest things to paint in the army is the banners your BSB:s and Standard Bearers are carrying. The banners is also the one of the things people tend to notice most, and taking time to paint some nice looking banners is a good time investment in my opinion. I also think that banners is one of the things most fun to paint. So in this post I will show you some of the banners I've done and some tips and ideas on how to paint them.

Here's my latest banner and It's actually not quite done yet. It's for my Empire Greatswords and as it a elite unit in the Empire army I wanted to spend some more time on this one. The design is from the Uniforms and Heraldry book for the Empire. A great inspiration for designs on banners, uniforms, shields etc. If you're a Empire player I can't recommend it enough and I hope they continue doing these books for other armies as well (I think it's only Skaven which also got one if I'm not mistaken). A lot of free hand on this one, but I just tried to follow the design from the book as much as I could. And one tip is to lay out the design very simple with a brush or pen. So everything goes where it's supposed too.

Another Empire banner I painted not long ago, this one is for my BSB. The design is also taken from the Uniforms and Heraldry book and a lot of free hand stuff. And generally, if you can paint well free hand, banners should not be a problem. And if you aren't that great at painting free hand, banners is a great way to try and learn. Because that's the only way to get better, practice and try it out more to practice even more. A simpler but just as effective method is to paint banners like the reaper one here. I loved this when it first came out, and I still think it looks awesome.

The next banners, are some of my older ones for the State troopers. I repainted the first on where the yellow where once black. Also on these kind of banners I think it's more crucial to put some time to paint both sides as both of them is showing just as much.

And now some Orc and Goblins banners, the first one is for my Savage Orcs. Really fun to paint but even though I didn't have to do anything free hand I put quite a lot of time doing highlights do get the right colours. I really love this "banner" sculpt and it looks really fitting in a Savage Orc unit. There's another one for the Savage Boar boyz with a snake and stuff which is also very cool looking will try to paint this up soon to. Maybe for a Savage Orc BSB? And then is the first Orc banner I painted for this army. And it's for the Orc boyz. Did the design free hand and is really simple to paint, Orc motifs is generally quite simplistic in nature so it's great for beginners to try out some free hand work.

Then there's one for my Night Goblins. This one was quite easy. Did some chequered pattern and the Quckshade did it's job shading the banner so it looks a bit dirty. Simple but quite effective way of painting a banner, and no free hand needed except the pattern.

And for last is my WoC Tzeentch standard bearer and for my my Undead Revenants. The WoC one I painted as with no real plan in mind except I wanted the eye in the middle. So I started with that and then thought I needed some swirly things around it. So I started to paint this around and around and did more and more highlights until I thought it was finished. I quite like the design and thinks it represents the Lord of Change quite well.

And the last banner I wanted to show you is for my Revenants. And here I did all of the banner myself. I started to cut plasticard and sculpted green stuff on top of to get some structure and a wind flow through it (I also painted the fire on top of the banner pole which isn't showing much on this pic). Then I painted the whole thing red and did the design free hand, the design is inspired from Starcraft II and I think it looks okay. It don't look that hard to paint, but actually took quite some time.

That's was all for today and I hope you liked this and maybe got some little tip on how to paint your banner. And the most important thing to remember is to plan out the design beforehand. What motif do you want? What colours? Try to paint free hand designs on paper to see how it looks, it's all worth it to take this time and you will be pleased when you get the result.
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