Saturday 30 November 2013

The Empire: Halberdiers Detachment finished

Twenty more Halberdiers to the army, luckily I did not have to paint these up from scratch as they where quite nicely painted when I bought them. Also I really dig how it's kit bashed with old haldberds, Great Swords bodies and heads from different Empire kits (not a single head is the same in this unit), and even 40k Catachan heads. But I have done some quite extensive repainting, they where Stirland and is now a part of my Ostermark army instead.

I had to repaint the yellow parts of the uniform as well as It was a little sloppy in my opinion. The only thing I haven't done much to is the heads and hands, just some touch ups here and there. All in all I'm very happy with how they turned out and is a great addition to the army, will probably never upgrade this unit to a full 40-50 men unit as I need so many more Great Swords bodies, but a command group would not be impossible to give to them and up them to 25 men. But until then I consider them finished, hope you like them.

Comments and suggestions is always welcome, and sorry for my poor photographing skills on these. Sometimes it just doesn't work out.

Monday 25 November 2013

Miniature Monday: Chaos Spawn

Finally I got around and painted up this old Chaos Spawn model I had. I don't know why I have waited so long really, despite it being almost done for quite some time I didn't like the look of it. Then I had a greenstuffed big eye and didn't use the mouth bursting out. So I decided to go with the classic look on this guy instead and now I'm glad I did. 

It's a nice model, nothing special but I kind of like and it's also the first Spawn model I owned many years ago. The paint job is doing what is it supposed to I think, nothing spectacular but I like how the blue goes to purple and then to red and on the other side from turquoise to green.

I have been busy painting a lot of other stuff as well and I will show the finished results in the coming week. I have 20 Halberdiers almost finished, four Tzeentch Warriors. And I have also started to paint up my Celestial Hurricanum for my Empire again, it will take a while before that is finished though as there's just so much stuff going on on that model. 

That's all for now, expect more very soon. 

Sunday 24 November 2013

Warriors of Chaos: Nurgle Warrior Unit finished!

Yay, at last I finished painting this unit. Well I will upgrade it into 24 men strong eventually but unit then this 18 men strong unit will do. I must say I'm quite pleased with how the unit turned out in the end, and in my mind they do look Nurgle enough despite having blue armour, or what do you think?

The last three I made, may do some more with the skellie. I quite like skellie heads in bulky Chaos armour.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

The Empire: Halberdiers Detachment

Some time ago I bought some models up on Tradera (Swedish eBay) and among some quite nicely painted Halberdiers that was also really nicely converted using only Greatswords bodies and legs. All of them also have a unique head so no head is the same in this unit and I love those little details.

Anyhow, I didn't think I needed to repaint much as as I saw them on the pics they where already nicely painted and also in Stirland colours so I only really needed to change the green to purple. Well so I thought. It was much easier said than done, the models where nicely painted, especially the heads but the uniforms where not my cup of tea. The green I would change anyhow but the yellow where to heavy washed and with a to dark wash as well, so I needed to repaint that. Also the armour and weapons where a little sloppy so I tidied that up as well. I also changed the bases so it matches the rest of army. So the only thing I didn't need to repaint much was the faces which I just made some minor things with.

The unit I bought was twenty men so I will use it as a detachment I think, or mix into my bigger unit (40 men) if needs be. I'm almost done with all of them but here are the first five Iv'e finished, as always comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Monday 18 November 2013

Review: White Dwarf Nov 2013

Okey what is going on with my WD  subscription? I got this issue two and half week late, so unfortunately when I finally received mine I already knew pretty much everything in it. Which of course makes it less interesting to read, I will try to not having this influence the review to much.

New Releases
We got a quite wide mix this time with the second wave Dark Elves, new special effects paints, a supplement to Warhammer Fantasy called Triumph and Treachery. We also get some new 40k publications, the digital Chaos Space Marine supplement for Black Legion, a collectors ed. Chaos collection (with all Chaos t codexes in it) they also show us a book with all the twelve previous 'Armies of Renown' articles found in the last years White Dwarfs. Nothing that really interests me really, I already got all of those articles in my WD but maybe for those who haven't and like Space Marines this can be interesting (there's mostly marines in there) 40k also get another Apocalypse War Zone expansion called Pandorax, sporting Black Legion against the Imperium with the Dark Angels chapter trying to save the day.

It's not much to say about these really, I'm not overly fond of the green background and lighting on the Dark Elves pictures, but there is also plenty of 'on the battlefield' shots as well so nut a huge problem. We get to see some quick tips on how to use the new special effects paint, and we later get to see some more in depth in the Paint Splatter section.

The same thing goes for Triumph and Treachery, we get a short explanation in the beginning which felt kinda of short, and it was hard to understand what it really is. But it continues in the Battle report this month and here's you info about how it works.

We also get some new Army deals or army upgrades may be a better word for it. It's just as it sounds, you get some unit together in a larger box and get some savings from it as well. They have nine pages showing the different deals here which is a little much in my opinion.

Army of the Month
We get to see Duncan Rhodes Son's of Horus which we have seen bits of quite a lot in the past. It's a really nice looking army, with a lot of ForgeWorld Heresy models of course. All in all it's a really nice army to look at's Space Marines yet again.

Battle report
It was all about Triumph and Treachery this time and it made it an real interesting read. A lot is gooing on in the game with so many players and I felt it had been easier to follow if they wrote which army's turn it was instead of the name of the player, now I had to go back sometimes to see which player had what army. Also there could be bigger pictures of the battlefield and I actually miss the old arrows and markings on the movement of the armies. But other than that this was a good battle report.

Parade Ground
Showing some Armies on Parade from the Fang painting competitions. Some really nice armies in here. In the second Parade ground we see single models from the Design Studios Painting Challange, some truly amazing painting is to be found here.

It's back! But this is not the best one though, we see Neil Reed's gaming boards and models in true Blanche style. The second board called Yggdrassillium is really cool though.

Kit Bash
Showing us nice and easy kit bash conversions is nice and all that, but isn't Space Marines kit bashing done to death?

Paint Splatter
For us mere mortals we get some pretty basic tutorials on how to paint Dark Elves, Black Guard and Executioners. We also get more in depth on how to use the new Special Effects paints, and I must say it made me interested in trying at least some of them out for my self in the future.

Jeremy Vetock
His article caught my eye this time, and I actually normally find his articles more interesting than Jervis. Anyhow this is about what I'm doing on my blog, keep track of your army painting progress. An interesting read for me at least who record my painting progress for the same reasons.

This month in.. 
White Dwarf is doing Triumph and Threachery, painting Wh Fantasy models and go to Warhammer World. The Design Studio is about the new Dark Elves and we get an explanation for the one wheel DE chariot, I'm still no fan of that particular part though. At Forgeworld we see the Deimos Pattern Vindicator and Legion Assault Claw, both which we have seen before I believe. Black Library is about the latest HH book Unremembered Empire

Not an awesome issue, but it is more diverse than usual and it does have some quality content in there. Still missing any kind of fluff, or anything useful for gaming like new rules or anything. It's a shame that GW wants to put everything useful in the iBook store to be bought, when many of them would have been perfect additions to White Dwarf.

Rating: 3

Sunday 17 November 2013

Conversions Corner: Chaos Trolls

Can we turn Rat Ogres into Chaos Trolls? Do we need any conversions for O&G River Trolls or do they work as is as Chaos Trolls without? Well I have been trying to build up my unit of eleven Chaos Trolls and Throgg the Troll King. For this I'm using.

Finecast Throgg model (no need for conversions here)
Nine River Trolls (three boxes of three models)
Two Rat Ogres (from the Island of Blood set)

So far I have just built the Rat Ogres and made them into Chaos Trolls and built two of the River Trolls. The Rat Ogres do need some conversions of course, mainly I used two spare Troll heads from the River Trolls kit instead of the Rat Ogres heads. If you want you can pretty much stop here as they look quite nice and is really cheap as well. 

But you need to use some green stuff for the neck to make the new head fit nicely. And when I did that I went on and did some more greenstuffing on the back and under the heads. I then added some bits here and there, fins from the Troll kit, various tentacles from the Spawn kit. On one of them I did something unconventional as well and put little stones into the green stuff I had on the back. This was to add some texture to him as I'm by no means are any expert using green stuff, so this was a nice little short cut.

For the River Trolls you did not need any conversions at all really. But I wanted to something with them, even If I may not do something to all of them. They will be using two hand weapons so I changed one of them who was holding a two-handed weapon into two hand weapons instead. I just cut out the hands and into the weapon and filled with green stuff and added a weapon shaft from the Dragon Ogres kit. I will probably do something more to this model as well before I paint him up.

The next model I just did something small. Some greenstuff and an old Chaos Warrior shield to have it as some kind of shoulder pad. I also added a skull hanging from a chain and some spikes on his shoulder. 

I will of course build up more Trolls and do some more conversions so this unit will look both nice and unique. Also It's quite easy to do because of the models and the fact that you can explain the most strange conversions because of them being warped by Chaos. Really looking forward buidling more models up for this unit and painting the existing ones as well. 

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Warriors of Chaos WIP:s

Here's the pictures I couldn't yesterday, just some WIP:s of the Warriors the first is going to be Nurgle Warriors with Halberds and on the second pic is four more Tzeentch Warriors.


Monday 11 November 2013

Miniature Monday: 'More Warriors and batteries dying'

The battery for the camera died so I couldn't upload the images of my latest painting projects. But here's some crappy pics made with my iPhone. If can't see what it is it's my WIP warriors of Tzeentch and Nurgle and some Empire Halberdiers. Hopefully finished the coming days. That's all for now, better post next time. 

Saturday 9 November 2013

News: Aliens vs Predator miniatures game!

It has been known for a while now but I have totally forgotten to report this, there is a AvP miniatures game made by Warzone: Resurrection devs Prodos Games. You already knew this? Yeah well their Kickstarter has been up now for two days but has already made the initial goal of £35.000 and three more goals and is now almost up to £108.000 and is nearing the £110k stretch goal.

The models is looking really promising and just as their Warzone miniatures is made of high quality resin. I'm eager to pledge to this KS as I really like the AvP IP but I really want the Resin Terrain set if I go with this KS and then it starts to get expensive. Really excited to see how this KS develops though. You find more info at their Kickstarter page.

Monday 4 November 2013

Miniature Monday 'Greenstuff and WIP:s'

A very brief Mini Monday today as I don't have much time to write today. Well I'm still painting a lot of my WoC, doing some more Warriors. But the biggest thing is that I have got reinforcements at last. Three boxes of River Trolls, one box Spawn box and CSM Terminator/Sorc Lord kit. So have been fiddling with them a little and some Rat Ogres, down below you can see some of the results. The Troll unit will be 12 men (mosnters) strong with Throgg and is the next big thing I'm going to put a lot of focus on finishing up in the future for my WoC army.

That's all for now, some more finished and painted stuff will be going up the blog in the next couple of days I hope so do come back and check that out.

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