Friday 25 December 2015

Merry X-mas and... I'm in Warhammer Visions!

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is having a great day.

Because of my shitty personal life etc. my blogging and hobby time haven't been great lately.

But right when you need that extra boost to continue what you, BAAM you open latest issue (23) of Warhammer: Visions and there is one of your models in it. Thanks White Dwarf team, you got my hobby juices going again.

I know there's hundreds of models showcased each month, but I don't think I'm the only one dreaming of this since they first started painting miniature models. This is the second time I  have one of my models showcased in a GW publication, last time was in White Dwarf in 2013.

It's once again one of my Empire models, and this time my General on a Griffon. Not an favorite of mine, but there's at least some conversions and green stuffing done to it. Anyway, a really pleasant surprise to find, now I'm off to painting some more stuff again.

Saturday 5 December 2015

News: Tzeentch Gaunt Summoner pictures!

Next up after the Varanguard of the Everchosen there's finally some new Tzeentch stuff, the Gaunt Summoner. It looks really sweet and will of course find it's into my AoS Tzeentch army.

Thursday 3 December 2015

News: Duardin Fyreslayer Sprue leaked!

Just run across these two pictures showing what it looks like an Duardin Fyreslayer, most probably an character or Dragon/Daemonslayer variant with the option of an Icon/Standard. Looks really cool in my opinion, can't wait to see it assembled and painted.

Really interesting as well as this is the first release of some other race/faction than Stormcasts or Chaos for AoS. And Fyreslayers looks really cool in the artwork so far.

Got the pics via: Talk Wargaming

What do you think?
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