Monday 31 December 2012

Painting Challenge: Will I beat myself next year?

To do another thing to keep the motivation up I will challange myself to paint more stuff Points wise than this year. So here's just some calculations about the stuff I have painted this year so I know what numbers I need to beat next year. It was more than I expected really even if the numbers don't always do the painting time justice, painting two cannons takes much less time to paint than seventeen Greatswords but is worth more points for example. But it's quite fun anyhow to see how many points it is in the end and how much points I need to paint each day to beat it. So see this as an kind of New Years resolution, I will paint more than 3390 Pts next year and I will not cheat ;D

Down below you can see the numbers if you are interested.

40 Halberdiers Full CMD = 270
17 Greatswords Full CMD = 217
4 Artillery pieces = 440 (2 Mortars, 1 Cannon, 1 Volley Gun)
1 Bsb on foot = 85 (Just bsb upgrade)
5 Demigryph Knights Standard, Champ. = 320
1 War Altar of Morr (only horn upgrade) = 270
1 General on a Griffon (no upgrades) = 265
1 Engineer = 65
1 Black Rose Knight Standard Bearer =  35
1 Captain on a peg. (no upgr.) = 105

One of the things I want to paint next year

Total: 2072

40 Swordsmen Full CMD = 310
10 Crossbowmen incl Marksmen = 100
1 Cannon = 120
3 Knights incl Musi = 85
5 Archers = 35

Total 650

So Grand Total Empire painted 2012 is: 2722 Pts

Orcs and Goblins

7 Black Orcs = 84
10 Night Goblins = 30

Total: 114


4 Warriors of Tzeentch (unmarked here though) = 60
6 Khorne Marauders (unmarked) = 24
4 Warhounds = 24
1 Hellcannon = 205

Total: 313

Vampire Counts

20 Zombies = 60

Total: 60


5 Space Marines = 90


2 Terminators incl. CF = 91

Total = 181

All in all I have painted 3390 pts this year across both systems and including the stuff I repainted as well. Quite good in my opinion at least for being me who aren't the fastest painter in the world, spread across all days in a year this brings us to a number of 3390/365 = ~9,3 Pts a day and 282,5 Pts a month.

So that are the numbers I need to beat, so next year I will make a post here on the blog each month to see how I'm doing in the challenge. And of course everyone that will participate feel free to do so and you can post in the comments how you are doing, the more the merrier. 

Sunday 30 December 2012

News: Dark Angel Codex + new WD pics

Saw these pictures over at the spanish blog LA TABERNA DE LAURANA, much more pictures than before and also better quality. The first batch is from the new Codex from what I can tell and then there are more pictures from the latest WD (which I haven't got yet!!) Really interesting stuff, even some Guardians of the Covenant artwork! :D

Pictures from the Dark Angels Codex?

Next is from latest White Dwarf?

Looking back at 2012 and the future

So another year has soon went by and an quite eventful year in hobby as well. With an new edition of Wh40k, a new edition for LOTR...ehm I mean The Hobbit and two Army books and one 40k Codex. Among them my main army The Empire. I wont go into details about this though, you know what has been released this year so I will focus on myself and what I have accomplished in the hobby this past year.

The main focus when It comes to painting this year was the revival of my Empire army which I started to repaint in the beginning of the year. I continued to paint it up and also add new things when the new Army Book arrived, and now near the end of this year the army actually starts to look like an army. I have also done some side projects like WoC, Wh40k, Zombies and more but mainly I have stayed focused on getting the Empire army finished (more of  less, the whole army will probably never be finished).

This is the things I have painted this year:

40 Halberdiers
17 Greatswords
4 Artillery pieces
1 Bsb on foot
5 Demigryph Knights
1 War Altar of Morr
1 General on a Griffon
1 Engineer
1 Black Rose Knight
1 Captain on a peg.

40 Swordsmen
10 Crossbowmen
1 Cannon
3 Knights
5 Archers

Orcs & Goblins
7 Black Orcs
10 Nightgoblins

Warriors of Chaos
4 Warriors of Tzeentch
6 Khorne Marauders
4 Warhaunds
1 Hellcannon

Vampire Counts
20 Zombies

5 Space Marines

2 Terminators

I have never had as little hobby time as I have had this year, but strange thing is that I think I have never had an as productive year as this one. This is probably because of the little time I have and want to make most of it, and also I think this blog has helped me a lot to stay motivated with all the nice comments I get. So thank you for that. 

What about the future then? Well, I'm still going strong when it comes to the hobby and I'm still highly motivated. So hopefully I can even topple this year and paint up even more stuff in the coming year. And the next year I think I will paint more different stuff even if the main focus will stay with the Empire where I want to paint up the Celestial Hurricanum, more Demi chickens, more Knights, some characters and hopefully my Carmine Dragon. I also want to focus more on my WoC army and try to finish some more units, and I will also revive my Guardians of the Covenant again and buy some of the new shiny Dark Angel stuff when it arrives, I will probably dabble more into 40k as well as I also want to finish some more stuff for my Minotaurs.

So that's all for this year looking forward the next one and I hope you all will have a great and happy new year.



Tuesday 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Wanted to paint a new Santa model but
I haven't had the time I'm afraid. So
Zombie Zanta will have to do
Just wanted to wish Merry Christmas to all of my readers and everyone else in this great hobby community. It has been an eventful year which I will summarize more in an New Year post later on. As of now I just hope everyone has had an great Christmas, I know I have even if I didn't get any Warhammer this year (which is the first time since... I can't even remember) but I have plenty of miniatures anyway so I'm not sad about this. And I got the Ps3/WiiU games I wanted and a lot of other stuff as well as spending time with my lovely family, so I'm as happy I should be.

Haven't had time to paint much the last couple of days but soon I'm done with the two last Demigryphs I hope, as well as some stuff for Minotaurs, Orcs and Goblins and Deathwing.

So once again I wish you happy holidays!

My Chaos painting table.

Oh so many more models to paint! And a lot more than these I can say!

Thursday 20 December 2012

News: WD Dark Angels pictures!

Once again we get the newest pictures from White Dwarf and we get to see the rumoured Dark Angels. Got these via Faet 212, and apparently the pictures was first posted by ZombieDK.

Also here's the price list:

Belial 15£ 22,25$ 22,25€
Asmondai 11£ 19,25$ 15,50€
Ravenwing Dark Talon 45£ 75$ 60€
The new Ravenwing Battleforce 70£ 110$ 90€
Ravenwing Command Squad 30£ 50$ 40€
Deathwing Command Squad/knights/normal 35£ 50$ 45€
Ravenwing land Speed Vengeance 40£ 65$ 50€

Comment: I like the Deathwing and Ravewing models but still I'm unsure about the Vehicles especially the flyer. It looks like the Storm talon but with wings, not that creative. The Landspeeder variant looks kinda of cool but also a little strange, may have to get used with it. Overal not that impressed. Really want to see them all in person though before I judge them too harshly, also I don't really like the paint jobs that much.

Belial looks cool but I would rather have seen a more dynamic pose, the same goes for Asmodai although he looks quite sinister just like he should. The book cover I like really much, quite an unusual angle and space marine doesn't scream Dark Angels, which is nice. Can't wait to get it, and a couple of those new boxes :D
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