Tuesday 30 December 2014

Warzone: Imperial Brigadier P.D. Rist finished!

So last post for the year probably as I want to do a sum up of the in the beginning of 2015. So this will a be a semi sum up I guess.

Last model finished (at least being posted on the interwebs) in the year 2014 will be Commander Rist of the Imperial Corp. He has been almost finished for some time now but just haven't had the time to take decent pictures and post them bla bla.

Nice and quite easy model to paint for being a character, sure showing his face and what not has it difficulties and I'm not totally satisfied with the result I must say (I had an eye problem here) but it will have to do. Otherwise great miniature and complements the rest of my Imperial commanders nicely.

So that's it for it today, hope you like and do visit the blog the coming days as I have a nice little review/year sum up up in the coming days.

Thursday 25 December 2014

Warzone: Resurrection Demo Video check it out! Oh and Merry X-mas folks!

Yeah sorry not a proper X-mas greeting this year but I have just been so busy this December. Hopefully I will come around and do some more blogging in 2015, I will sure try :)

Other than that I also wanted you to check this video showcasing Warzone: Ressurection and what it's about. Really cool and much better than the ones GW's usually are doing. Hope you like it as I did. Also big thanks to every one of you readers out there. I hope I can bring you more content in the future that interests you. I really love the hobby and all of the community supporting it and just want to give something back with this blog.

So cheers once again, and happy holidays and see you soon.

Oh and here's the Zombie Zanta as well. :P I will do a new Santa model for next year I promise!

Monday 15 December 2014

Doomtrooper Radio #17 about CTC Magazine Issue 1 with Chris Reynolds is out!

Latest episode of the Warzone Podcast 'Doomtrooper Radio' is out now and the guys are interviewing Chris Reynolds, the guy behind Cartel Tactical Centre magazine about the first issue of CTC Magazine. One of the things they discuss is my contribution and the article showing my Bauhaus Force, many nice things is said and I can't say anything other than that I get a little proud of myself :P

Of course there is much more stuff in the so go and check it out in the link below.

Big thanks guys! And keep Doomtrooper Radio and Cartel Tactical Centre going!

Friday 12 December 2014

First issue is out! Cartel Tactical Centre - a fan-made magazine covering Warzone: Resurrection

As said in the title this is a fan-made digital magazine covering WZ:R. It's all sorts of stuff in there from like True Colours, where we will see different peoples armies (and I must say I'm quite proud that for this very issue my Bauhaus is showcased here), Tactics Workshop where we get tactical advice to use on the battlefield, Mass Production where you get brand new stories on things happening in the Mutant Chronicles universe, you also get Battle Reports, rumours and intel from Prodos Games themselves (Rob Alderman) and much more. Please do check it out, and if you like it help spread the word! 

Don't I recognize these models from somewhere? :P

A lot of useful stuff for you WZ:R players out there and inspiration for you who haven't got into the game just yet. 

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Video Unboxing: Warhammer Fantasy - The Glottkin

Yeah it finally happened, my first ever Youtube video and first Video unboxing. Altough this first video is really simple and just made using Youtube (and some GIMP for photo editing) it was really fun. Sure I sound awful but I think this format is better suited for some unboxings and other stuff. So expect some more of these, hopefully better though. Please tell me what you think in the comments below.

Monday 8 December 2014

Miniature Monday: Nurgle Chaos Knight

Really short post today and picture (had to take with my iPad) because my computer chrashed once again. Anyway here's my Miniature Monday entry for today, my first Chaos knight marken Nurgle, hope you like. 

Thursday 4 December 2014

News: Only 30 hours to go on the Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter!

There are not many hour left on this very promising looking Sc-fi Miniatures game. The project is funded since a long time time and now it's all about breaking more of those Stretch goals to make this deal even better.

Check out their latest update below to see what to pledge and what you get for freebies. And go and support this game it looks awesome and I hope this game will see a bright future.

Hello everyone,
Fallen Frontiers is heading into its last 48 hours of funding, and so we decided to write up a little re-cap of what this campaign is all about.

The Game

This Kickstarter was made to fund the Fallen Frontiers game, a two-player sci-fi miniatures game where powerful heroes meet in futuristic battles. The game features highly strategic gameplay and deep player customization, making for a fast-pace and tactical experience.
Through the customization of a deck of cards, and the deployment of heroes the players can change up how their army plays, shifting and adapting strategies depending on the situation. These heroes provide boosts to their squads, meaning that by simply swapping out a hero your same units will behave differently and you gameplay style will change.
We have posted a few gameplay examples already, which you can find here:

The Box

Everyone who buys the game box will get an Exclusive Kickstarter Limited Edition box, which features special cover art, and comes with a numbered backer certificate and set of four faction post cards.
The box has everything you need to get started with Fallen Frontiers, and comes with miniatures, bases, scenery, cards, counters, the rulebook, a ruler and dice. This box is customizable, allowing you to choose one of six possible combinations of armies.
Depending on your choice you will get either 33 or 38 high quality resin miniatures, from basic troopers to mighty heroes. Note that if you select a combination of armies with a total of 38 miniatures, you will have to add $15 to your pledge.
You can see everything you get in the box and what your army choices are here:http://bit.ly/11Uwe4L

Additional Free Content

Since the launch of the campaign we have unlocked various things through Stretch Goals and our Black Friday deals.
This means that in addition to your pledge you will get Free Heroes, a Painting DVD, a Narrative Campaign, Scenic Bases, and more, depending on your pledge levels.
With so much extra content, it might become difficult to grasp exactly what comes with which pledge, and so we have put together this image to give you a better understanding of what you are getting:

Heroes And More

As you can see some of the pledge levels come with extra heroes that are not part of the Starter Box, and we give you the opportunity to choose which heroes you want.
Any Hero worth up to $15 may be picked as one of your choices, regardless of what factions you have taken for your Starter Box. If you run out of free hero selections you can also buy more heroes by adding their value to your pledge amount.
You can see all heroes that you may choose from here: http://bit.ly/1yMHlbF
There are plenty of other things you can buy to expand your army. There is a wide selection of special units that are not included in the Starter Box, there are Vehicles for all factions, and there are other things such as Scenery Packs, Scenic Bases, and more.
You can see all add-ons that you can purchase here: http://bit.ly/1I0jeLZ

The Last 48 Hours

So you got your Starter Box, you’ve picked whatever Heroes and Add-ons you wanted... and now what?
You can find a ton of background story for the various heroes, factions and more directly from our website: http://www.fallenfrontiers.com/
We still have some hidden things that we have not revealed yet, and the campaign is far from over, so let’s smash a couple of stretch goals and find out!
Thank you all for your support.

Monday 1 December 2014

Miniature Monday: Bauhaus Venusian Rangers finished!

Been hard at work completing one more unit this week, and it's non the less than the Venusian Rangers. Compared to the new models these look far as good but I still like them, even though they where a pain in the ass to paint up.

The reason for this mainly some really rough areas that where hard to fix and get a smooth surface. Mainly the shoulder pads where a problem and it does not get easier when covering it up with paint, using whites.

These where hastily painted up because I had a deadline to catch which I will talk more about in the near future. But I think I need to add some more paint to these on some areas and fix the eye lenses. But until then these pictures will have to do, still happy with how they turned out in the end and I like how the camo on the cloaks looks. That's all for now, comments are as always much welcome!

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Warzone: Bauhaus Etoles Mortant finished!

Been painting like crazy this past week and that have finally given some results. And first up is five of my Etoles Mortants for the Bauhaus faction.

These where really fun to paint even if I have stressed a little, and the faces is quite hard to paint up as they are small and women's faces tends to be harder to paint generally.

I really like how the unit looks now when it's finished though and especially the girl with the Gehenna Puker, can't wait to use that on someone in my next WZ:R game.

C & C is as always very much welcome.

Wednesday 19 November 2014

News: Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter

I got a tip some days ago to check out this Kickstarter for a new miniature based war game called Fallen Frontiers.  I haven't heard of it before but when I looked at their Kickstarter campaign which have 15 days to go as I type this, I was really positively surprised.

The game is made by a company called Scaled Games and is a American/Spanish company and the models are made my Scale75 who have done a lot of really high quality models in the past.

So what is Fallen Frontiers then? Well I don't know much about it to tell the truth, however you will get all the information you need from the Kickstarter page. But here's a really brief info from what I have gathered.

It is a 35 mm based wargame which does focus on you have quite a few models, but have different heroes who really changes how your squads of models work, and what strategies you can use. The game also uses cards which your opponent does not get to see which adds another layer of strategy and thinking into the game. Another cool thing is that it uses some functions from newer RTS games, and by that I mean that you need resources to help you win the game and to get that you need to hold objectives or collect Krithium which enhances your army's equipment and cards.

The setting is also looking really promising, without going into detail (just look at the trailer on the KS page) I do really like it and it opens up for new factions in the future really easily.

And then, what about the models. Well they have four really distinct factions so far and they all look really nice in my opinion. (my favorites are probably the Sayx though)

Here's how the the KS starter box looks right now.

As you can see, a lot of nice stuff in the box. And if they hit the $85k (will happen any minute I think) we can also customize the starter like below.

As Iv'e said all looks really promising, and I do recommend you check it out. Will be following this campaign closely although I still don't know I will participate, really low on funds right now :.(.  

Monday 17 November 2014

Miniature Monday: Nurgle Plaguebearer

Here's my first test model for how I wanted to paint up my Plaguebearers. Nothing fancy or special but I like it and will work nice together with the rest of my Chaos army. If people are interested I will also do an little tutorial soon to show you how I paint my Plaguebearers.

In the meantime, C & C is much welcome! (Oh and sorry for the poor pics here, will do better when I show more of my Plaguebearers)

Sunday 16 November 2014

Unboxing Warzone Resurrection: Bauhaus Vorreiters (new version)

The Vorreiter tracked bike is a valued tool in the Bauhaus armoury and is esteemed not only for the finely engineered Bauhausian technology they represent, but also for the tactics their pilots employ. Vorreiter pilots are drawn from the megacorporation’s many ranks of Hussars. When natural skill and tendency towards mechanical mounts is noted, a recommendation is made for the Hussar to advance through the ranks. Successful candidates enter the 4RB-training program. Those that pass the training enter the hallowed ranks of the Vorreiter pilots; failures re-join their former regiment and must wear a badge of dishonour showing a black cross, superimposed with an image of a Vorreiter Bike.

The paired weapons are controlled by the pilot using buttons integrated into its steering bar. Vorreiter squadrons often play small, but vital roles in larger missions, working to outflank or distract the opponent whilst a larger strike force attacks from the front. Often they play the part of outriding scouts or messengers. On occasion, the Vorreiters may embark on heroic and key missions, especially when it is vital to disrupt enemy plans. Such Seek-and-Destroy missions add to their illustrious image and arrogance. Like their Lizard-Riding Mounted Hussar counterparts, the Vorreiters also excel as reconnaissance troops.

Flavor text taken from the Prodos Shop

Unboxing time again and this time it's once again a new version of models from the Bauhaus Corporation. I wasn't a huge fan of the first versions so let's see how these new ones look.

All the contents in the box.

Some things had snapped off, like one of the swords and the spikes on their helmet. You might also see on the lower sprue that I got two left arms, I worked out this problem anyway as you will see later. 

The new Vorreiter Bike, a lot more details and crisper details. As you can see the legs are attached already to the seat so you don't need to glue them on. 

Got some flash that is easy to remove and some minor moldlines (or displacements really not true moldlines) that isn't hard to fix up either. 

You get seven cards, a stat card for each bike and two Strategy cards, two Tactical cards and one Gear card. Nothing new here compared to the old versions of the Vorreiters. 

Here is the built versions, with their wings and all. The wings is a new addition to the new style Vorreiters and is of course an little homage to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth winged Hussars (and Prodos is half a Polish company)

Easy to built even if I had to take the sword arm as the right arm because I got two left arms instead. Worked out anyway and the resin Prodos uses is so nice to work. 

Haven't cleaned the whole model on the left here.

Comparison with the old Vorreiter. Looks smaller and they are a little shorter but the image is making it look even more so. 

I like this kit a lot more, they haven't change the design much but given it a lot more details and is much crisper. They will look nice together despite this changes (military equipment changes all the time with new versions of tanks and what not) and I'm glad I also have the old ones. All in all a great kit even if I had some minor problems with mine.

Monday 10 November 2014

Miniature Monday: Nurgle Daemon unitfiller

So a really fast one this time, this is a unitfiller for my Plaguebearers. Iv'e had this model for quite some not sure what to use it as. But finally decided for this. It could work nice a a Putrid Blightking as well. The model is from a company called Kromlech and is a really nice sculpt and fun to paint up as well. Hope you like it. 

Sunday 9 November 2014

Unboxing Warzone Resurrection: Bauhaus Starter Box (new version)

Unboxing time again and this is a quite big one, it's a lovely box though with really nice miniatures so keep on reading.

First up, this the totally new version of the Bauhaus Starter Box, the first one was based on the Kickstarter box and miniatures, and if you want to do a straight on comparison you can check out my Review/Unboxing of the old version here.

And now on the the new one.

You saw the front of the box on the top if this page and here's the back showing us...the old contents of the old box! Well this will be sorted out in the future I'm sure and is really just confusing for people seeing the box in stores and what not so no biggie but still something Prodos need the change later on. 

All the content in the box, better protected on the inside than the old boxes. 

And here's everything you get taken out. 1 Marshal/Kapitan, 1 Vulcan Battlesuit and 10 Hussars. A deck of cards (I count them to 79!?) bases for everyone and two D20. 
Here's the first sprue with the Marshal/Kapitan on a horse, there is some flash and some moldlines on the horse especially but nothing that isn't easy to solve. There's really not one of them who is the Marshal or Kapitan so just choose the one you like the most and you might have some use for the spare parts for a conversion or something. 
Really nice details and lovely design all trough. 

Cards for the Kapitan, here he is called Venusian Kapitan and have some different rules to the 'Kapitan' in the HotSS PDF. I think this card is a version that got scrapped but still found it's way into my box. Also note, there's no card for the Marshal strangely enough. 
Won't write much about the Vulcan model as I have already done an Unboxing of it. See it here

Different cards this time around though, Assault Frame was named Charge before and did the same thing but was an Tactical instead of an Gear card. So better now I think. Also the the 'Break the Line' card is new and quite good as well.  
And here we have the Hussars, the grunts who do the dirty job. You get ten of them is this box. Five different posed bodies, and all the weapons you need to equip them however you like. So ten AG-17 Panzerknacker Assault Rifles, two ARG-17 Rocker Launchers and two MG-40 LMG. 
The front of the first five Hussars, much better details compared to the old KS versions. And pretty much no moldlines or defects, just some flash. 

The weapon and arms sprues does make it so you can have your guys look quite different despite it being just five different main bodies to choose from. 

Hold the Line is a new card for the Hussars (instead of Munitions Change), and Stuck Grenades is changed to be easier to read out.
11 Resource cards? Should it be 10? I don't know.

No new cards here.

Here we have some changes though, new cards is Jungle Clearing Roto-Blades and Overcharged Plasma Shells. Look at my Unboxing of the old version to see which cards which have been removed or changed. 

Quite a lot of changes here's as well. Air Strike Flare was an Gear card before. 'Drilled to Perfection' is instead of a 'Spoke in the Cog' and is really an upgraded version (1+ to both RS and LD instead of just LD)

Have probably over a thousand WZR cards now and this is the first time I see this.

Here's the first built Hussars, here with an LMG. No of the arms are glued here but they fit so nice so you don't even need anything to keep them where they are. This is awesome because you can remove the arms when painting underneath and just glue them on when all that is finished.

The backpacks is stuck to the bodies but they look so much better than the old KS ones so that is not a problem really. 

Next five, some different arms makes this unit look a little bit different. Here they have a Rocket Launcher instead. 

The Kapitan with the option I choose. Some moldlines on the horse and the leg didn't fit perfectly so I need to do some minor GS work there. 

Awesome model. 

You can magnatize the two different bodies if you want to get both looks. 

But they fit together so nicely so that is almost not needed.

Here's is the other body option, it didn't fit together as good as the first one without glue. 

Here's how I built this Vulkan Battlesuit.

Had some minor issues with moldlines and what not on this one. But nothing major that can't be fixed quite easily. 

Spare parts. 

Here's we have a comparison shot with old VS new. The details on the new ones are so much better!

The spread legs syndrome is cured on the Bauhaus Hussars. 
So closing words then. Well first of all this box is much better than the old, details and overall quality on the sculpts have been improved considerably. There is some confusion with the cards, bases and what not (I'm waiting for answers from Prodos regarding these) but there is a great value in this box with great models and a good start for starting a new Bauhaus force (I see no reason not to buy this if you are starting a new Bauhaus Force actually. ). Still glad I have the old KS versions, but this new one is superior in every way.

All the guys you get in the box in their full glory. 

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