Army Showcases

As you may know I have plenty of armies, and I try to resist to buy new armies at least til I feel I have completed the ones I already own but to no avail. I just have to buy the new shiny things and in the meantime I have to try to paint up the stuff I already own. So here I tell and show you what I completed thus far.

Warhammer Fantasy

[The Empire] League of Ostermark and the Followers of Morr -Coming soon

[Warriors of Chaos] Horde of the Burning Eye -Up Now!

[Orcs and Goblins] Da Ungreenskinz!! -Coming soon

[Dwarfs] Dwarfs of Karak Eight Peaks -Coming soon

Warhammer 40.000

[Guardians of the Covenant] -Coming soon

[Dark Angels] Mainly Deathwing -Coming soon

[Minotaurs] My Badab War army -Coming soon

Warzone: Ressurection

[Imperial] -Coming soon

[Bauhaus] -Coming soon

[Dark Legion] -Coming soon

[Cybertronic] -Coming soon

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